Saturday, December 27, 2008

friday's child

i definitely handle grain alcohol better than i do beer.

thursday night saw us all sitting with one of ze germans, a flat filled with people either playing four-player mario kart or with one of the eight or so iphones... a really antisocial social.

when i got there a couple of the guys were surprised that i was only wearing a sweater, which i didn't get until i went out a bit later to grab a sandwich, and found myself rushing to jeremiah on the way and sitting at the bar shivering while warming myself with an emergency cup of coffee.

i had to go to the bank yesterday morning, and was in such a good mood and listening to such incredible music that i danced the whole way there ^_^

the bank was an absolute pleasure: i got off the bus, walked in, walked out, got on the bus back without actually having to wait during any of those phases. perfect, perfect timing.

mid-afternoon i was suddenly freezing cold - so much so that i found myself wearing my ski jacket and curled up underneath a blanket... i wonder how i'm going to handle winter when i get there :(

which family / which table? SxS's family weren't pleased with me having dinner with mine, and at my cousins' there were two tables and each time i switched tables to talk with someone else i had to explain myself :P

ru55 was good enough to let me take his car to get to dinner, which solved a whole bunch of potential problems. with great power comes great responsibility, though - so i was sent off to ramat hasharon to pick up yogi :)

we met up back in ra'anana, then moved to tel aviv to visit mmf. it was a fun visit but at some point i started falling asleep and i remained in dreamland until getting up this morning.

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