Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the end of the year

i spent the weekend at SxS with a bunch of friends. we had a really good, really relaxed time, although on sunday i was locked in alone for a few hours until his father woke up and i could get a key :P

the military action began on saturday, see previous post for my opinion.

we ate an incredible amount of marshmallows, delivered cake, played poker (never again, i suck), and talked a lot. all in all, a great way to end the year.

my commander called me to issue a personal warning, and i'm really, really happy that that's all i got until i left.

i watched two movies, tropic thunder and bang bang you're dead.
i didn't find tropic thunder funny - although i'll concede it was amusing - because my sense of humour doesn't roll that way. regardless, the cinamatography was superb and the story was good, and i thoroughly enjoyed it!

bang bang you're dead was a well-made movie, a very interesting look at high school violence and attitudes.

we made a late exit for the airport, and by the time i got through to boarding it was almost closed. i've never shared luggage allowance with anyone before.
there was a group of pushy bastards who just *had* to cut in all the queues on the way in. i really don't understand that.

i couldn't have slept worse on the plane, i was restless but tired and i did horrible things to my back and neck.

we had a bad landing, quite unsettling. at least it was into summer :)

i couldn't change money without proof of residence. that was annoying. i tried all the places, then found myself in the bank discovering that they've lost my account information :(
then i remembered that i have an israeli passport, so i changed cash on that instead.

i had coffee that i suspect was spat in, and then boarded the plane to cape town and finally started getting excited.

i wasn't feeling good on arrival, but thankfully that improved before i went for a massage and then to my high school reunion.

i'm really glad i went! it was surprising to see that so many people turned up, and really interesting to see what everyone's become. i find it incredible that in terms of looks and attitudes almost nothing's changed in the last ten years :P

i had a good laugh on my way there, i was about to ask directions from a waitress when i stopped, pointed at her and said "i know you". she couldn't place me, but she was (could still be) a model and we used to party a lot together back in the day. i might just have to go back there...

protoplasm picked me up and we went for drinks at mercury... to be honest, we waited in line for ages and then went into the dodgy place next door. it's such a different vibe, something i really miss. in israel the place would've been filled with arsim looking for a fight, here these guys are all on their own mission and that keeps a dark atmosphere without the unchecked aggression.

i was wasted - way too tired to stay out, so i came home and had the best sleep i can remember, filled with weird dreams.

today is a stunning, a summer's day in a place that has them like no other. just the smell off the ocean is unique and inspiring! i'm off to shop.

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