Wednesday, December 24, 2008


the bathroom was waterlogged this morning. first order of the day: change socks.
i was glad to have my hot coffee warming one hand while the other froze holding the umbrella at the bus stop. i love the rain.
it became a solid downpour - a severe lack of drainage and incredibly stupid driving scored me waterlogged trousers.

a man ran past umbrella-less, carrying his young child close to his chest. i tend to process these situations too slowly: i think i should have stopped him, given him my umbrella and dressed him down for being irresponsible.

the TL that i don't get along with was really angry with me this morning. he can't handle any background noise while he works, so we're all supposed to wear headphones. that way we can ensure that there'll be no shared experience in the office, which is fantastic for morale.

the kinder laughed at me when he heard what i want to do with my life, and the next hour was spent arguing until he eventually saw my side of things. the problem is that he's only one of at least two nihilists in our section, which makes rational conversation mighty tricky and he has support.

one important aspect of the argument was the concept that the words we choose to produce our metaphors override the intended meaning, and as such one must be careful every step of the way to remember the intention or use better words:
every time the word "illusion" came into play to describe our way of seeing things it was used to "prove" that what we see is not real. but it is real, it's that illusion that provides us with a subjective reality and we cannot ignore it nor be separated from it.

email blunder: i set up a rule to remove old mails, and it took out half my archives. i now need to re-sort everything :'(

star wars issue: the kinder is unfamiliar with the star wars canon. he was convinced that stormtroopers were robots and had no idea who c3po and r2d2 were. i showed him a photo of a stormtrooper with a picture of boba fett on the reverse side [wired] and he couldn't tell the difference.

i finally got a handle on the java gui, but there're still a few irritations and i'm only partially through. the file selection and scrollpane classes saved the day, but the xml parsers' non-existence is my next big concern.

i went for a quick introduction to a framework that could help me with the rest of the development, and once satisfied walked to see one of my bunkmates from the course finish up with his final leg. that done, i bought fries, missed the bus (having run and made it before the doors closed, the brats in the doorway just couldn't lend their voices to my cause), caught a ride to another one and am currently waiting for the mongoose's girlfriend to come pick me up so we can all go out.

after a quick review of the party details, i'm sold - i most likely won't be going to the vortex this year! protoplasm has shown me what appears to be the light... just bought my e-ticket ^_^

private wins - nasa awards orbital and spacex

jibjab 2008 recap

ye olde jefferson airplane

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