meta-thoughts of me

a stray: one needs to realize that one only lives once, and for an indefinite (sometimes short) quantity of time, in order to open up to the idea that living a life of fear is pathetic and completely unnecessary.

and if one were also to understand that the best conditions for oneself require some effort on behalf of oneself and some on behalf of one's natural and social environment (with a pluralistic attitude), one can live and die comfortably and probably satisfied.

boy, am i glad for whatever reasons caused me to choose to spend my life fighting stupid systems, rather than be dragged behind them.
no try, no get.

i believe
- if you don't try, you automatically fail

    take care of yourself
  • if you constantly do the right thing, make the right decisions, in context of what you know and are feeling at the time, then you have no reason / right to regret anything. it was the best you could do, learn from your mistakes and move on.
  • i consider myself extremely lucky in that i know what i want to do with my life. i locked myself in my room for two weeks, towards the millennium, and figured out what i wanted to do. and as absurd a thing as i decided on, i'm slowly getting closer to my dream. if i fail, at least i tried, and the meaning *i* give to this attempt is what matters.

    and if tomorrow something happens and i decide that since that choice i've been on the wrong track, so be it. that something hasn't happened yet, and THAT'S where the luck is.
  • making a positive difference is the most difficult thing in the world. one of our primary needs is to feel like we're not just a mobile bag of organic trash, but that we have some influence or control over our lives and others'. it's easy to satisfy that need by breaking stuff and causing harm - this is our nature as human beings. getting over yourself and making yourself useful is where it's at.
  • lumping the two previous points into one

i hope i don't die

but if i do - the only way anyone can honour my memory is to follow my dream. to do something to help get humanity (physical and knowledge-wise) able to survive independently of planet earth. or any planet, for that matter.

and play tool - eulogy at my funeral. it's eerily appropriate.

politics? 'cause i've lived in israel and served in their army? this is what there is.

religion? you wanna know what gods i believe in? i already told you. you wanna know how i practice? that i can answer!

i'm a pastafarian / pirate. and i (try to) follow the teachings of tecumseh. and the principle "and it harm none, do as thou wilt" regardless of whether it's original or not. because it's right.

i find it amusing that judaism in its pre-corrupted form agrees with all of this. jewish philosophy is astoundingly progressive.


best counter-protest ever (pastafarians against gay-bashing).

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