Wednesday, February 15, 2012

king of hearts

in spite of the aching back - back, neck, it's the trapezius inflamed so it's all the same - i went in to the office today. it was a long day, beginning with an awkward argument that turned into a surprise and a non-argument.

one of the team leaders informed me that i'm not outside of the game, but rather a critical point between the systems, and that i should not have meekly accepted a certain decision that my boss made yesterday. that led us to a discussion involving him, his developer, myself and my boss... after much debate, the solution i presented was accepted and i think my ego's bigger now.

that increase was supported by my being moved into a better class of office and upgraded to two large monitors. it's kind of like my old corner office, only with many more people around. i feel like i'm appreciated, even.

aside from lunch and a half an hour chatting with my recently immigrated cousin (ric? that could work), i spent the day, until much later than i'd intended, making great strides in Getting Shit Done. now that i think about it, this project was a heck of a lot bigger and more complex than i'd originally thought.

it's just like the link i posted a couple of weeks ago. [briefly checks] at least i've been given the (virtual) keys to be able to publish work developed at home without having to call scr for backup every time. i'm a grown-up, now!

i got home late, and dinner was almost cold - but it was delicious. pg'd baked me a tub of heart-shaped meringues, and i almost felt awkward about not bringing her anything... [to quote my mother: valentine is the patron saint of florists. and chocolatiers, and greeting card producers]
we watched mighty aphrodite for post-dessert dessert, and i cannot remember the last time that i watched a comedy that made me laugh out loud, and so much! it's fun, it's clever, and for the first time i can see myself enjoying woody allen flicks.

a bit later we watched the final episode of the first season of community. freakin' *brilliant*.

i've arranged with my boss that i'll be working from home tomorrow, because i HAVE to invest time in my studies. not that earning money isn't nice... so now i've got a character to create for a roleplaying session on friday, a poem to finish for tomorrow evening, and... and... i can't stop thinking about zombies. world war z is nothing short of inspirational in its scope.

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