Thursday, February 16, 2012

an early wake-up, a day of not-a-hell-of-a-lot, of constant issues with work and no time for studies. a lot of time on the phone, some of it unpleasant or awkward.


the weekly creative writing workshop.
oilus and crustida: apparently it isn't clear that the infection isn't a metaphor, and the group recalls neither the details of the trojan war nor the story of troilus and cressida... there was some other valid criticism, so i might get around to tweaking it sometime.
in general, it was an entertaining evening. i enjoyed the assignment, too ^_^

i discovered a giant bump on my leg earlier that looks like a serious bite, only i don't recall anything painful. i finally settled down to reading (i find myself rejecting a lot of stephen booth's criticism out of hand so far), and have been itching randomly almost non-stop.

perhaps subconsciously i just want this week to end. even though it's thursday already, and i'm feeling tardy in everything.

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