Tuesday, April 02, 2013

third time's charming

the first time i went to wire cash to pg (repaying her for the social security fine) i was told i'd have to come back with a swift code because her branch has two possibles codes. when i returned withe code they told me they couldn't put it through without pg's home address. pg's not staying in her apartment so neither of us knew what address she had registered, and it took until today to check it (passover holidays).

"i'm sorry, sir, but we can't make the transfer without the bank's physical address."
wtf?!? why couldn't they tell me that last time? they failed to find it themselves, and just as i was losing it i googled from my phone.

the internet delay was upsetting.

but it worked, and i found it in one search, and how the hell is this so stupidly complicated in an age of internet banking?? it's 2013, people!!

having said that, i didn't have to go all the way to my branch to handle this. giant bonus, in israel that shit wouldn't fly.

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