Saturday, April 20, 2013

mental yoga

i just ran home in the rain from boxing: this tougher, faster, stronger me? i like him. friday night boxing FTW! and now a partially planned escape into inner space for the night (part ii, i guess you could call it), and tomorrow's a busy day.

i got my medical insurance details today! so i can go and see a doctor as soon as i figure out where and when to go.

today saw me in manager mode - now that we're agile, i actually feel like we're doing things right. there is a plan, and i'm on top of it. the director kept congratulating me on doing an excellent job - before he left i stopped him to remind him that i was simply doing what he'd instructed me to. the difference between half-assed agile and agile is palpable.

right - time to get into dinner and navel-gazing.

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