Tuesday, April 23, 2013

breaking points

i woke up from some crazy dreams this morning, which i vaguely remember as involving altercations and an american policeman pulling three of us over after one of the guys picked up a giant bag of marijuana that was lying on the sidewalk.

it was stupidly difficult to get out of bed this morning, but i somehow managed to sort myself out and iron my shirt before getting out of here. after lunch (where i had coffee) i was still exhausted, and i required yet another cup in order to function. after work i went with aota and her daughter to the supermarket (i was giving directions, and i figured i could use a couple of things). they took forever and i only needed a few items, so by the time we left i was completely broken. i crashed as soon as i got home and woke up around 11pm - i'm very glad that my uncle sent me off with enough leftovers last night to afford me the luxury of not having to prepare anything.

work-wise i feel like i've got too much on my plate again: here i thought my new responsibility definition would be reducing the number of things i'd have to focus on :P

one of the interns celebrated his birthday today, so we all went out for lunch and i bought him a small chocolate. one of the developers who came with wasn't happy with his meal, so he packed it up to take to his wife and pretty much sat and watched us eat. as we waited in line to pay i thought about the fact that he'd had a birthday about a month ago and we did absolutely nothing to mark it... not cool... but i guess we were in a different place then.

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