Sunday, March 17, 2013

the "real" me

after a long day, i sat down for drinks with aota. her comment when i placed my first order? "yeah, let's meet the real you!"

i figured i'd just get tired fast and go to bed early, but after talking about our recently failed relationships we moved on to philosophy, psychology and religion. i got more excited in spite of the constantly flowing double jack daniels', and my favourite part of the evening was the bit where an otherwise argumentative aota was suddenly awestruck by the sheer coherence of my theories as it all came together in the first commandment.

today was not the saturday i'd been hoping for. i had to leave early to work and there wasn't a lot to do (moonlighter and the cto really weren't at full speed). there were three of us on call, and the two panamanians took me for lunch to a great spot with a fantastic view. there's a definite touch of paradise over here. the ceviches and panamanian local vegetables were delicious. it was fun! on the way there i was surprised to discover that the girl's music collection includes a lot of late 90s house, and i feel like i got to enjoy something touristy and local simultaneously.

at least the system seems to be stabilizing with all the small fixes... some of which i was shocked to discover weren't in the original design. *sigh*


1. i take back my comparison to israel, it's only relevant in terms of the weather. in terms of attitude, it's somewhere between india and africa, but i guess that's just a relatively uninformed opinion.

2. french versus spanish: similar, but one's pretentiously elegant and the other is fun and seems to flow a heck of a lot more easily; i can get the gist of things when i'm reading in spanish whereas with french every second word's a struggle.

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