Tuesday, March 26, 2013

bad instants

i have lots to say about the past five days, but right now i require a purging:

after a weekend sick and miserable, i woke up this morning feeling a little better and was immediately thrust into shock by an email informing me that a dear aunt in south africa passed away during the night.

the day would not have begun well anyway (emergency ironing and unnecessarily complicated packing things for aota and the it guy), but once i arrived in the office things more or less returned to normal. i managed to leave early in order to purchase gifts for my hosts (tonight is passover), and after dropping my gear at home i headed downtown to the saq to buy kosher-for-passover alcohol.

i didn't find any, there was a problem with the metro and it took forever and a mission to get home empty-handed. that's just enough time to really think about my aunt, her passing and her immediate family who must be devastated (it was really sudden and the funeral was rushed because of the religious holiday).

so the mix of mourning and gift frustration needs venting. they may not be at all related, or even similar in terms of importance, but they're both doing a fantastic job of upsetting me in their different ways.


i keep imagining my uncle dealing with the loss at the passover "seder" table. what a horrible time.

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