Friday, February 24, 2012

the greatest love of all

a 4am special. followed by an early wake-up brought about by assholes downstairs pressing every button to get into the building. second wake-up on the realization that i was late to perform a knowledge transfer on campus for the other department webmaster.

that cost me an hour or two of teaching joomla. a little awkward for the unprepared, but not horrible.

most of the evening was spent progressing through the sonnets, with a break for dinner and a few less-funny episodes of community, then more sonnets. i think it was about an hour ago when i realized that i'm really tired, but i was too busy obtaining evidence to support my theory that shakespeare's dark mistress was either marijuana or opium.

i wouldn't be so quick to try digging up his body, though. on other notes: i have to admit, keeping notes using treeware and ink is a lot more comfortable; also, reading the great commentators' notes makes me feel good about myself.

here's an absolutely correct description of the problem of describing israel's policies as apartheid.

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