Tuesday, June 30, 2009

slightly bitter

the bad news is my mum's, i'm absolutely distressed that she's working for a man who's making her life difficult; getting in the way of her doing what she's paid for. if she wasn't so success-driven that she's putting in the overtime to manage it all anyway, i wouldn't really care so much.

i'm praying for a positive phone-call to inform me that she's solved the problem. in the meanwhile, i'll just remain angry with the bastard.


i have an amusing ant problem. if there're any remains on the sink's metal cover, i have an almost-instantaneous stream of ants flowing around it. when it's clear, they disappear. so no problem :)

the day began with me being too honest about my SC with another SC on the way to work - and then wondering if maybe it'll pass on to him as a rumour... i don't think it would really help, but it couldn't cause too much harm, either.

i discovered this morning that it's illegal for me to study, on my own time and with my own money, in an institute of learning without applying for and receiving authorization from my unit. our unit commander has decided, in his infinite wisdom, that there will be no more authorizations. i *love* the army.

we had two lectures this morning, one from better place and another on defensive driving.

a) the better place solution isn't perfect, but it's a far sight better than the situation than we're in right now. and that's OKAY. some idiots were nitpicking and suggesting that it's a waste of time.

b) the driving tips and "insights" are basic tenets, common knowledge and general rules of the road... just not in israel. it's really aggravating to see so many puzzled faces and hear so much arguing when the lecturer says things like "you should look ahead" and "concentrate on driving".

i sewed a shirt pocket decently, ate too much cake, and spent the afternoon's free time fixing a useful excel file and planning a really interesting assistant application. i was most pleased when my TL turned to me and said "wow! you're actually using your development tools! i thought you were going to waste them like everyone else".

obviously we're not talking here about our primary work tools :P
it's nice to be appreciated, though. especially by the guy who's been holding me back for the last half a year.

Monday, June 29, 2009

breezy, pretty evening

work days never seem to begin too well, but when i've spent two weeks organizing a section breakfast and then two different groups of people decide that we don't need the room we reserved early especially, i can't quite let it slide. we kept it in the end, and for more time than was originally booked, but there was no need to force us to "prove" our right.

the breakfast was crazy - the food was great and we definitely brought more than enough. two birthday boys arrived, and the cakes they brought are going to last us most of tomorrow at the very least :) [and they're darn good cakes]

one of the guys came to pay me back for something, and i was talking to nystire so he stood behind me and dropped the coins on my chest. nystire made a cheeky comment about my sexual value, and in jest he rubbed my chest... his shock, surprise and running away made us all hysterical - he didn't expect to feel my nipple ring :D
(and this is a guy who tells obscene jokes non-stop)

immediately after breakfast we all went to a farewell ceremony for lunch. busy day. the only food available was pizza, so i hung around until they were into the eating then made an exit. i ate alone in the mess, but the food was sort-of alright so it wasn't a terrible experience.

i spent the day trying to convince my TL to include a critical path project in his priorities list. i made an inspired tweak on one of my applications (i cheated hebrew ASCII out of windows, i'm very proud of myself), came up with a plan for a simple future app that could really help us and learned to use a mechanism that i've been dreading touching since i last played with it.

damn you, microsoft excel! damn you! why do i have to "paste special" when i want to copy cell contents?!?! bastards.

[break to hang out washing]

i got home, changed clothes and went off to orange again to try and get a battery. this time the guy had the good grace to make it clear that it's better to find another reseller or buy online :S

i don't know what possessed me to go for a run. today i got back into listening to progressive rock again (i've been listening to psychedelic for the last few weeks), and it just seemed... right. the influence of this month's wired can't be ignored, though.

the advantage of proper running shorts: immediate feedback.
1) must tan upper legs
2) must correct flabby buttocks

the park was absolutely beautiful this evening, and i need to start wearing the pedometre because i'll be damned if i didn't run a personal best tonight - and that's after not feeling particularly well and not exercising in weeks.

great news! the response i got from the advisor? "your writing sample is more than fine" ^_^


and now i need to do some work on this poor bastard's c++ project.

*how* many hours?!

i can't believe i did that: i went to bed at 9pm, slept through the night and am still tired!

this can't be good.

i suppose something positive did come out of it, though. i decided to read myself to sleep, and getting into milton made me feel productive as well as entertained :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

sunday blues

today was difficult, for a number of reasons.

1. apparently, i am no longer exempt from reserve duty and that makes a certain promise i made last week impossible to keep. it took me a large part of the day to realize that it doesn't matter, but it did cause me to fret.

2. i was still concerned about the master's problem until the late afternoon, when i spoke to wr and he reassured me. the only thing that really bothers me now is that the advisor still hasn't sent a single word back in my direction.

3. i was very, very tired today. exhausted. and i wasted most of it staring unhelpfully at badly written comments. it doesn't help if you comment every line but don't discuss the point of what you're doing.


oh, of course: on workplace motivation. this dude is too damn right.

on the lighter side of things, i managed to organize a surgery date to have an irritating spot removed, i got hold of a company who can send someone over to perform an insurance evaluation, and i actually did alright with basic exercises.

i'd be more proud of that last item if i hadn't consumed so much junk-food. continuously. the entire day.

oh, yes. i *love* the massage chair.

a fundamental truth about porn

incredible ISS photos

an extremely cool record player

when i can't speak...

i made some headway with the c++ project this morning, then went to the beach for some great frisbee. the beach was packed, the weather was hot and clear.

when i got back home i immediately turned on the a/c (which is happening frequently enough that it's being contracted), showered and turned in for a nap. crazy dreams, i'm not sure how much they were influenced by having really dark full-on trance in the background.

i've been broody the whole day, and i'm inclined to think it's largely based on yesterday's discussion with ru55's fiancée: the more i think about it, the more i realize that she's right. the whole master's degree thing comes from a different academic culture where the undergrad is to learn how to learn, but in literature it's way more than that.

the discussion, the arguments and the exposure are a big deal. i return once again to having an issue with doing another full-time degree. it's a different head-space, not a real "problem" as such. in the meanwhile, i'm undecided.

i left on time to get to einav jackson cohen's performance (featuring michal geva), but all the shuttles were full and i stood at the stop for almost an hour before the bus came. seriously, locals should receive preference.

so i missed a couple of songs, but what i got to see was great :)
in fact, michal geva performed way better than she did with her own band :P

afterwards, i couldn't decide what to eat and eventually settled on soup. the soup place is closed until winter... so i went to ze sushi. my taekwondo buddy was there - i couldn't think straight and was very glad that i didn't have to place an order. after the soup and some caffeine i could talk again (i didn't mention it, but i've been fuzzy all day) and i had a very pleasant meal.

have i been home for an hour already? i've been online too long.

i am not familiar with apparently inherent functions: merge(x.suck(), y.suck()) with both merge() and suck() undefined compiles perfectly. it's definitely past my bedtime.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


i joined ru55 and his fiancée with our irish austrian (one of ze germans).

1) their wedding invitation is stunning!
2) she had something very important to tell me: it's very possible that completion courses won't be enough even if i am accepted into the master's program. as i told her, i'm ready and willing to dive in and see what's up, but if it looks like i won't be able to hold my head above the waterline then continuing with another BA isn't exactly a problem.

it's excruciatingly hot again. damn.

on the way out i ran into the sergeant who made my first steps in the army uncomfortable. we had a pleasant chat that actually turned into a very amusing one - time does heal most things.

Friday, June 26, 2009

too convincing

the letters of my fantasy
or my doom,
spill out upon a yellowed page
accompanying the heady beating of my chest
as cold sweat and a halo of gloom

as I stare into those eyes of love
deceitful and betrayed

we both have cause to feel suspect
suspicious friends
suspicious dialect
each waxy drip of truth smears dark
sealing my fate, my coffin lies erect

sealed in the cold, dead ground
deceitful and betrayed

heart up, soul down
refreshed, clear, deep underground
to stare oneself down, disbelieving
choke, gobble, while vomiting

releasing but a flash of light
as I stare into those eyes of love

here is a devil who comes out the other side,
a patronising grin receives each smudge
a brotherly hand touches shoulder and cries
the hawk-eyed mute led by the blind

who consents and shuts his lids
sealed in the cold, dead ground

not knowing if it's the fall he feels
or his ascent towards his princess' hand
to be wrapped in rapture, and hide his smile
to shed those glowing tears of pride

who consents and shuts his lids
releasing but a flash of light
as I stare into those eyes of love
deceitful and betrayed

good, bad, ugly?

i'm taking a break, the second one, from watching the good, the bad and the ugly. it's frikkin' long. good, but long.

tasteless corner

farrah fawcett died and went to heaven. god gave her one wish. she wished for all of the children of the world to be safe, so god killed michael jackson


jacko wasnt in the cardiac ward- he was in the childrens ward having a stroke...

(i thank k-twang and a mutual friend for these two, the first funny ones of the entire day)

continuing from my last post:
i shopped, made myself a mini-sandwich and then met up with karnaf for breakfast. after breakfast i joined ze germans for a while. i walked most of the way back home with one of them, the returned to be grateful for the air-conditioner and to try and watch the movie. i passed out for a while, then showered, learned about cleaning tiles and toilets and finally resumed watching.

i've just spent a short while turning random scribblings into a song, and playing it - only i feel confident that when my playing improves i'm going to keep the words and nothing else :P
in case there's any doubt, it's about wednesday.

acquisitive morning

and i haven't had breakfast yet. i payed for last night's eats, took away a cup of iced-espresso, and had a shirt made that came out far prettier than i'd anticipated:

front ^_^ back

i hunted cushions and throws, but the places i found last week were the only ones that had stuff i really like. so i'm sorted with happy psychedelic colours and i've hung out the laundry, now i'm shopping and then i *have* to eat!

buzz aldrin has a new plan

king nothing

the poor sod's sad tale has come to an end, and nobody will be talking about him for long - that's the world of pop, and pop obscurity [lyrics].

out in flames is the way to go, and rock and roll is the way to stay.

leached heat

the mediterranean lapped up the excess heat, the sunset was as beautiful as the day had been muggy, and the beer and great music helped too. by the time i left i felt a far sight better.

i was thinking sushi, but the traffic lights directed me past coffeeholic. i stopped to say hi, got sucked into a conversation that turned into a raging debate that had us going at each other for hours.

and there i was thinking that i was going to spend the evening coding.

i'm doing a bit now, but i'm beat and will probably be crashing soon.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

marching past mach

the week went by incredibly fast! aside from yesterday, the last two weeks have been flat-out work and i'm thoroughly enjoying it :)

a) my TL couldn't handle the dvd menu for the first firefly disc, so he didn't watch it. EPIC FAIL.
then he couldn't understand why we were laughing at him for telling us.

b) one of the guys in our section catered today in honour of a corps celebration. he prepared all the food himself, and it was absolutely wonderful - including chocolate bananas, and tapioca. i can't recall ever tasting tapioca before, and it was brilliant.

i was certain that it was something consumed in ancient rome, but i just found out that that's because it's the name of a character in asterix.

c) boss mail fail: our SC sent a mail explaining to us that the conditions we get apropos holidays in the army are - to the best of his knowledge - way better than anything we'll get as civilians. the amusing bit is that we're suffering the worst vacation situation there could possibly be, and so i sent a mail around reassuring everyone that life outside is better.

the incredible part? our village idiot sent a follow-up supporting me.

the even more incredible part? the two of us came up with a plan for getting work done more efficiently by cutting out our commanders until final authorization. we found out that quite a few of us have been doing this, apparently - that's very sad.

d) i am familiar with disgustingly hot. what this is is unacceptably gross and difficult.

now i'm taking a beer and a book to the beach.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the not-so-good, the good, the bad and the amusing

the "something special" earlier turned out to be good, but less than special - there's a new girl working at the coffeeholic, and while she may be pretty she just doesn't have what it takes to achieve their coffee standard and make amazing parisians.

i tried napping when i got home, but that didn't last long. i sorted out some papers, and got to work on the c++ project... although i haven't gotten very far. it might be because i keep distracting myself, primarily with the guitar. i'm really enjoying it :)

i can't believe that it just suddenly got hot enough to put on the air-conditioner - second time this summer. i don't like using it, on principle.

thanks to qc's twitter feeds, i've just learned about the lyttle lytton contest - and just finished giggling hysterically while reading this year's winners :)

it's hard being honest

so the day is done, and i have made what is hopefully the correct decision. it will take a while to find out, in the meanwhile - life goes on.

i can't believe piles is out! the farewell ceremony for him was quite sweet, although i wasn't quick enough to grab food. it was great as usual to see everyone :)

i'm off to treat myself to something special.

a small point

when a man offers me a fantasy that i desire, it's difficult to gauge its authenticity.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

smooth... boom!

i forgot to mention the canadian harassment that i suffered at the show last night: some idiot came up to me, looked me over and asked if i was a policeman. wtf?!
after i answered in the negative, he brought in the kicker: "yeah, i want to be a policeman". everyone i've told this to has had the same response i did: a raised eyebrow and "uh, huh... well, good luck with that" :S

i wasn't feeling well at all this morning. the fasting might not have helped. after all of us waiting for blood tests had been forced to drink pretty grim, stale water, i watched a girl walk out quite unhappily, and so expected the worst.
the drawing was a pleasure, oddly enough - and as usual i felt better for it. adrenaline? dunno.

another day of work - w00t! and lunch wasn't bad at all.

we have this culture of re-inventing the wheel... i got irritated this afternoon because i needed to translate a bunch of binary fractions to decimal, so i wrote a cute little application that does it for me. the funny thing is that my TL sees it as wasting time... as far as he's concerned it's better if we all continue to waste little bits of time forever.

standing in the corridor speaking to nystire and a girl in our section about how i've had to do sneaky things in order to get a job done that my TL doesn't understand the importance of... i didn't realize he was sitting close enough to hear. i hope the smile means that he'll turn a blind eye, and not that he'll keep one on me :/

i came home, had my cousin introduced me to monotonix; they seem like a band i would love to see live :)

panic ensemble was absolutely magnificent - i felt in the presence of greatness and was completely swept away! pure magic ^_^
i understand that the singer is not the professor, which is a pity but i'm sure i'll get over it :P

i really enjoyed playing with my guitar this evening, and i did something nasty to amazing grace that i'm growing quite fond of ;)
i think i'm going to play some more, shower, then get some shut-eye. tomorrow is a big, big day. or so i think. i don't have a clue.

fasting sleepy

i arrived on base in time for lunch, and worked a bit before going to visit the doctor.
we gave up on .net's security "features" and managed to find a working installation of visual basic 6, so replacing hours of work with a two minute patch that did the job nicely :/
i'd call the day a success just because we managed to persuade one of our providers to do something useful for us :P

the final note of the day: i had to take a team-mate aside and explain to him exactly what was explained to me last year - no matter how stupid or inappropriately behaved, you can't shout at anyone in the office. you have to take a deep breath and be polite.

travelling to jerusalem with wr was highly amusing :)
during the discussion i discovered that if i get accepted to the university one of my teachers will be a girl i'm a *huge* fan of! and i hear she's amazing as a teacher as well ^_^

i talked to the guy whose c++ project i'm helping with, and had a hard time explaining that regardless of the marks he gets for the project, he needs to inform someone that the algorithm being used isn't correct. it's a published paper with a flaw; someone should care.


rent on a rooftop:
not bad for an amateur production, although it would've been better if i'd expected an amateur production. the most notable issue i had was that they were acting, instead of being their characters. that, and the fact that most of the leads' voices really don't cut the mustard.

they did improve towards the end, but i have to admit that the possibility exists that i might just not be a big fan of puccini (or larson). i don't know. the script didn't speak to me. also, i felt that the sing-song used for the regular speech was a bit much, at least in contrast to the acting.

an odd question arose: how much damage can one do throwing a strawberry?

i spoke to my mum on the bus, and the conversation was a very dark one. we missed the point by discussing the details: no matter how bad tomorrow is, i'm going to be just fine in the big picture. there's nothing more important in this story than knowing who i am and what i'm about, and if the system wants to make a mistake because i couldn't tell a lie*? so be it.

* okay, it's not as simple as that, but the point stands.

the ride home's sleep was just like last week's - wonderful :)

i'm half-asleep, and i've been fasting since last night so no coffee for me... i have blood tests in an hour or so. uniform on.

Monday, June 22, 2009

late? busy!

i arrived a few minutes late to the city engineering building; "you have missed your appointment. please make a new one".

yeah, right. instead, i took a number and waited a whole five minutes.

i stopped for coffee and a very interesting chat with the chef and a couple of other patrons, then wended [is that a legitimate form of the word?] my way to the city council building.

their renovations went well.
a very cute girl was extremely helpful, and that might be the last visit i'll pay them for a while. on my way back, i ran into the caretaker's assistant and we had a productive chat. hopefully things'll start happening soon :)

aaaaaaaand now that i've hung out the laundry, it's time to go to work.

got my sandwich!

i went shopping, and just had time to slap together a sandwich before heading out for cinema city. as luck would have it, i arrived in time for both buses and got there pretty quickly - it's either a pleasure or a pain from here.

terminator salvation is very freakin' cool. i loved it, loved the atmosphere and enjoyed the story. i wasn't so smitten by the series, and i thought christian bale was going to be a bit disappointing after his freak-out, but neither of those things got in the way.

the ride back was absolutely wonderful - the back of a bike going at high speed on a warm summer's night is incredible.

i browsed through wired's 100 geeks you should be following on twitter (i'm SO glad i don't do twitter!), and clicked on one of kevin smith's links that indicates that obesity is winning and we need to worry about a wall-e-type future.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

all european life died in auschwitz

[just received in the mail]

By Sebastian Vilar Rodrigez(*)

I walked down the street in Barcelona, and suddenly discovered a
terrible truth - Europe died in Auschwitz.
We killed six million Jews and replaced them with 20 million Muslims.

In Auschwitz we burned a culture, thought, creativity, talent. We
destroyed the chosen people, truly chosen, because they produced great and
wonderful people who changed the world.
The contribution of this people is felt in all areas of life: science,
art, international trade, and above all, as the conscience of the world.
These are the people we burned.
And under the pretense of tolerance, and because we wanted to prove to
ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism, we opened our
gates to 20 million Muslims, who brought us stupidity and ignorance,
religious extremism and lack of tolerance, crime and poverty due to an
unwillingness to work and support their families with pride.
They have turned our beautiful Spanish cities into the third world,
drowning in filth and crime.
Shut up in the apartments they receive free from the government, they
plan the murder and destruction of their naive hosts.
And thus, in our misery, we have exchanged culture for fanatical
hatred, creative skill for destructive skill, intelligence for backwardness
and superstition.
We have exchanged the pursuit of peace of the Jews of Europe and their talent for hoping for a better future for their children, their determined clinging to life because life is holy, for those who pursue death, for people consumed by the desire for death for themselves and others, for our children and theirs.

What a terrible mistake was made by miserable Europe.

This is a translation of an article from a Spanish newspaper.

a VERY interesting response


i didn't feel too good today, i'm concerned about getting sick again :'(

over four hours today went to a system-wide malfunction, so at least i did get a bit of sleep. i hope it helped.

the kinder is a bastard! he got the package, opened it, liked the idea, and didn't call anyone. dammit!

nystire thinks that entering a robot is a good idea. i think he's right.

i just got home, ran into an old army buddy on the way and introduced him to invader zim. i still love the first episode :D

on my way to see the new terminator movie with yogi - sweet :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

just another hour off sleep-time

i'm shocked at how interested i am - it's been a while.

mark: define

has it been two hours already?! i've completed the class declaration for part one, and i think i have a handle on the definition. i know i've enjoyed myself.

cold read

the kayak killed me! aside from being completely out of shape with regards the muscles required for the exercise, i think the combination of not having felt good earlier and wearing a second-skin that was too close for comfort was what really caused the trouble.

on the way back in, i flipped - and couldn't get up. even the instructor got tired of seeing me climb up and fall over the other side that many times :$
eventually, though - after he'd let me go, i *did* manage to get back in! all by myself! but i was wiped-out for the rest of the session.

after coffee, four of us (the chef, his girlfriend and another girl) lay on the beach or floated in the water, and then went to the pretzel place (bretzel) for lunch. i didn't realize that they do such a wide range of stuff, and it's *really* good!

one of the coffeeholic regulars joined us for a beer, and on the way to the coffeeholic (the chef's shift) we had an argument that got out of hand, only to get to a point where we realized that we were arguing two sides of the same coin - it's been a very, very long time since i've argued philosophy with someone who didn't frustrate me with narrow-mindedness.

i was shocked and surprised at how well the guy managed to read me. i don't know how much of his connecting my personality traits to my name really meant, and i don't know how much of his reading me correctly was due to me giving so much away in the debate or just a general understand of the human condition, but it resulted in some very interesting discussions that kept me on my chair until far later than i'd intended.

i've just had a shower and swept the floors (although not mopped, i'm too lazy right now), and i'm about to tackle the c++ work. i've been disregarding it for too long.


i had an incredible morning! i woke up far earlier than i wanted to... as usual... but i put it to good use by reading comics and happily playing with my guitar. around an hour or so ago i went back to sleep, a pre-kayak nap if you will, and then something weird happened:
i've been feeling physically well for a couple of weeks now, and i suddenly found myself shivering and slightly off-key again.

this happened immediately after an odd dream that i can't quite recall, but involved the expression "they're all horizontal". i wonder if there's a connection.

the funky green cover i bought yesterday makes such a difference! and i pulled out my old smoking alien print and have draped it over the telly, which looks much better :)

anyway, coffee and kayak, on my way!

out-STANDING driving!

world war iii, coming right up

it doesn't matter that each of us "westerners" knows that our moral code and love of freedom (even if we don't do it quite right) is correct and that it's not sensible for people to believe otherwise... not everyone agrees with us.

we are at war with islam, at war not with every individual practising muslim but at war with a worldview that is completely at odds with ours.
and this is why wars happen. throughout history. when you cannot resolve things in any other way.

at the moment we have not only fanatics and fundamentalists but regular and good people as well subverting our respected and loved democracies by becoming a majority in whichever country allows this to happen. it's happening in europe and it is happening everywhere else.

our moral code is SO good that the only option we have is to let this happen, to let our democracy turn to meaningless drivel and to become incorporated into the muslim world.
the only way to defend ourselves against this is to behave in ways we KNOW are immoral, in ways that we could never condone, but these are the exact attributes of our worldview that we need to protect.

due to the incredible improbability of us doing what we need to in order to preserve our way of life, i can only predict that in a relatively short while i'm going to be wearing a shumag and struggling to pronounce "please don't rape me so much" in arabic.


we can figure out a way to unfuck ourselves in our political and moral correctness and do whatever it is that needs to be done. i'm pretentious, but not pretentious enough to think that i hold the solution to all our woes.

i'm just unfortunate enough to be honest enough with myself to be aware of the problem. god help us all, whichever god you choose. otherwise, we won't have the luxury of a choice.

to bed, not to party

today was great! it began at coffeeholic with leary on drugs and good coffee, and proceeded to become breakfast with ze germans on ahad ha'am. breakfast was excellent, and turned into a walk down shenkin, which then became a walk down king george street and scored me a great-big-funky-green-tribal couch cover (more of them to be bought shortly, with awesome cushions that i can't justify not having bought when i saw them).

i got home and realized that my old neighbour was performing nearby, so i hurried back the way i'd come and entered apparently ten minutes into the show. the show was great! i really enjoyed the music, and the beer, and then walked straight back home to shower, watch invader zim - bloaty's pizza hog and go out for dinner.

i gave myself a little too much time, so instead of spending it sitting on the curb, i stopped for coffee and to read a paper. i never read the news, i've mentioned this before, but today's actually had important stuff that was relevant for the conversations that were to follow.

the waiter took a shine to me (story of my life, never the waitresses, hence the t-shirt) and brought me good chocolate on the house when i left :P

dinner was great! two particularly interesting items:

1) apparently the major issue i had with the date i went on at the end of last year is not personal, it's familial. we're a family (i'm including all the extended family too) of talkers, of argumentative and very noisy types. i discovered that i'm not alone with my frustration of talking a lot and not being able to draw the date in.
so a) i don't wanna date quiet girls and b) i'm not going to feel bad when i do

2) huge argument at the table over the ethics of a war against islam. a separate post ensues.

i'm off to sleep because i suddenly remembered that i'm going kayaking in the afternoon :P

Friday, June 19, 2009

survival of the week

wake-up yesterday was a far sight better than wednesday! i didn't even need coffee, let alone the energy drink :) [although i took it with, just in case]

i actually enjoyed working again yesterday, and got a lot done. i even managed to sneak in an hour on a project whose lack of completion has been embittering me for months. in fact, the only downer of the day was coming up against the wall of visual studio 2008's network security management: why can't it just use the user's rights automatically?

i've been focused on a sort of a diet that i'm not quite sticking to. i definitely need to exercise this belly off! at least i can be proud of myself that the two guys i've been doing push-ups and sit-ups with weren't in and i still did mine... usually the lack of external influence brings about the "gym contract effect".

i know that the kinder has received the gooey package, because he sent an sms asking me to thank everyone and letting me know that he hadn't opened it yet. i'm going nuts, i can't wait to hear his response!!

i went to the bank, but the interest rates have dropped to the point where i'd need another 200k to earn .1%. apparently i'm not the only person passing on that one.
i bought a non-slip mat for the shower... and managed to get it right! now not only am i not worried about sliding, but i get a foot massage at the same time :)
i went to buy a spare battery for my cellphone, but they didn't have in stock. so i bought a super-funky orange-spiralled phone cover instead.

my fingers and my guitar are beginning to talk ^_^

i slept for an hour and a half, and the trauma of getting out of bed after midnight more than made up for the morning's ease :/
wr and friends picked me up and we went to a fetish party. the music was excellent - there weren't very many people though, and only about ten actual fetishists... i only caught one "show", which i found to be kinda sad. at least a perfect circle - hollow playing in the background was appropriate.

we missioned off to the party at helga, had a lot of fun and more booze, then went back to the fetish party and walked in to tool - eulogy, for which i was in an absolutely perfect place and mood and mindset - that actually made my night. we left a few songs and a bit of rum later, back to helga where i *think* ptsd finally got the idea that we're not, haven't been and won't be sleeping together.

wr offered the mystery girl a lift home this morning, so i now know her name and the fact that although she looks early-to-mid 20's she actually 36... he's now quite smitten :P

i'm trying to decide how to begin my day... my neck's quite sore from the last few days' action and i'm always too lazy to clean, but it's needed.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

stiff-necked throatless

just got back from seeing chris cornell - an absolutely INSANELY great concert! and the crowd was far more fun than yesterday's. my throat's a bit sore and my body's stuffed. the only uncool things were a) chris' mic wasn't set to high enough gain and b) some large, stinky dude invaded my space for about ten minutes. regardless, the people around us were great fun and the vibe in general was excellent!

peeling myself out of bed this morning was powerfully unpleasant - so much so that i have an energy drink in the fridge just to make sure that in five hours' time i'll be alright :S

i napped on the shuttle, i managed to close my eyes for about twenty minutes when i got into my office... and somehow, the rest of the day saw me getting a whole lot done. strange!

i'm done. i'm sure i have something to say but i can't think of anything aside from the two crazy concerts and my bed. hmmm, and calzone on the bus without messing. and increased push-ups. and a refresher course in saving the day in case of attack.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

tough crowd

dunno how i did it, but it's now 1am and i gotta be up in four hours and i haven't finished force-feeding myself tuna salad because i've eaten nothing but crap since lunchtime and the dream theatre concert was crazy and rough and really took it out of my legs. for half the concert i had big guys pushing and shoving and then arguing with me about where my elbows were going, the other half was awesome until i realized that some kid was abusing my leg (frotteurism) - he didn't even slow down after i bumped him hard backwards and then turned to stare at him.


the music itself was... well, they're just incredible ^_^

those twizzler's nibs are really morish, i polished them off this morning for breakfast... this diet thing's going really well :/
i had a chat with my TL, informing him about the incident with stupiour SC and explaining successfully what i was trying to get across on sunday. i'm still sour about that.

work was fine - especially the bits where i got to discuss things work-related with other people. frikkin' half a year that i haven't actually done anything. and i achieved a big milestone with a personal side-project: i released it for office use and so far the responses have been positive :)

nystire's had us doing five minutes a day of physical exercise for the last few, and it seems to be helping!

on the shuttle home i slept like a baby, but when i woke my dream slipped away and i felt that i was grasping at wisps of its fragments and they were slipping through the cracks in my mind.

related: apparently while sleeping so peacefully in the car i was muttering complaints about the restaurant.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the call

highlight of the day:
...maybe even of the year:
pushing the envelope containing my paper and my undergraduate transcripts into the graduate advisor's mailbox. i cannot express how much pleasure that gave me!
the sunset supported the sensation that at that moment all was right with the world :)

low-points of the day:
a) the section idiot, both in the morning with his completely warped and fantastic understanding of our political situation and his general lack of culture that was demonstrated in the evening
b) i got "The Call" today. or one of them. in another week i'm gonna go have a nice, friendly chat with someone who informed me on the phone that "most importantly, we want you to be satisfied".

i don't think we have the same idea of what will bring me satisfaction.

i went with nystire and his wife to jerusalem tonight, to see the "city of light" display. there were lots and lots and LOTS of people... but they were all bleeding miserable. there was one interesting item, a model of one of da vinci's works, but everything else was boring and uninspired.
for this we pissed away five hours?!
also, we went to a restaurant near the old city enthusiastically recommended by nystire's TL. the service was sub-par (which is embarrassing by anyone's standards), the decor was... bland and disconnected (bull-fighting paintings? in an italian restaurant?), and the food, while apparently quite good (i didn't eat), was stupidly expensive.

and here i find myself very, very happy with all the places i frequent in tel aviv, where the service is good, the atmosphere great, the food wonderful, and the prices very reasonable. i don't get "restaurants" in this country. waste of time... and one misses the wildlife!

the drive back was wonderful, though - i can't recall sleeping that well, and i even had a half a packet of twizzler's nibs to get me on my way. smooth roads, excellent suspension and the quiet droning of the engine behind my very comfortable seat...

back to the day's blah-blah:
1. bubbles! in the office! my team-mate brought them in without any provocation from me :)

2. my SC reported to our unit commander, and i don't know what he said but it definitely made me come out as an asshole. bastard sod.

3a. some woman in jerusalem walked past, and called me "constable". i was offended.
3b. we walked past the place in jerusalem where i first got my ear pierced... and i was reminded of the next day at the western wall when our rabbi noticed and i was forced to remove it on pain of being sent back to south africa...

4. i handed the shuttle guys my exemption, which seems to have upset them. when the shuttle didn't arrive and a couple of us left, their parting words were less than friendly. i think my emails may just have had an effect.

5. another unit lecture on sexual harrassment.
5a. apparently there's a minimum amount of sexual harrassment that needs to occur.
5b. the woman opens her speech with "so many people! i feel like madonna!" - i really wanted to jump up and ask "have you produced a pornographic picture book of yourself too?"
5c. something she said reminded me of my 10th grade english teacher. she came to class with a cold sore on her lip, and that night when i went home i hit the internet to find out about it. the next day in class someone mentioned it, and i raised my hand:
"did you know that genital herpes can be transmitted via oral sex?"
her response? standing up and angrily screaming "YOU GO AND TELL MY FOUR YEAR-OLD SON THAT I GOT THIS FROM GIVING HIS DADDY A BLOWJOB!" - the rest of the class was just as stunned as i was.
she never spoke to me again. a pity, she was my favourite teacher :(

and not-so-blah-blah:
1. SxS called, and aside from the pleasant catching up he informed me of an extremely distressing story. to summarize: a couple of friends in one situation have been pushing another of our friends who's in a VERY different situation to act the way they would, and it's completely inappropriate and unfair.

2. i just got back from mmf's birthday bash - it was great seeing them again! and if everything goes well i might even be studying with his wife next year ^_^
he is very uncomfortable with the shirt i made on friday. i explained that in almost every respect except sexual preference, i'm totally gay :P

3. i just read about the ponzi scheme my cousin got taken for a ride by... very unpleasant news.

yay! less than three hours of sleep... and dream theatre in the evening!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


actually, i'm gonna be worried about it until i get a response. aside from the fact that i'm going to be sending ten pages with an apology note for it being over (and praying that it won't be returned with "TLDR" scrawled in red - cutting it down will hurt), i'm *really* thrilled with the fact that it's come out reasonably well and it's not bullshit.

a week and a day from the request, and five since arriving at a topic. i need a rest, but i could do with another topic :)
now how the hell am i going to send it to the advisor? snail-mail? on foot?

i forwarded the idiot nco's mail to the head of my unit today explaining that we've given up and that the problem runs deeper than mere disorganization. i promised to make every effort to find alternative means of transport. i'm wondering if the nco will understand to be embarrassed by this...

i confronted our SC with a very simple statement today: "i'm not happy here". this was after being informed by a few section members that they're not interested in being friends or in enjoying coming to work.
i don't get it.

i spent half an hour verbally sparring with the wanker, he kept contradicting himself, missing the point, and trying to word his way out of whatever we were discussing. he then had the audacity to call me "unstable". i didn't have the audacity to call him a bunch of things that popped into my head at that moment. they weren't particularly elegant.

i *am* glad that my mum phoned me immediately afterwards. she was concerned about something that the book i'm reading addresses really well (james hillman - re-visioning psychology, i'm not pushing!).
anyway, it's always nice to talk to her, a reminder that i'm not completely off the rails :)

i had some satisfaction at work, and didn't actually mind staying late to get a ride to the bus. i'm always deriding those who run for buses, but i did so myself today and made it in time to save a solid half-hour in the sweltering heat... maybe i'll stop being so preachy about that.

or not, i'm apparently always preachy :P

i put on my blades and swung down the road to sell off an old phone (for the rather symbolic amount of NIS 20, nothing else has attracted callers) but the guy wasn't really keen. i guess it does count as a bit of exercise, which i quite need. i'm still hurting from my niece calling me pregnant :/

i've spent the entire evening sitting in front of my computer, learning and debating with ru55's fiancée, and am about to pass out.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

my mother called me WHAT?!

a dofgat, not a very nice word. i just walked out of a *phenomenal* performance - yael deckelbaum and her band were absolutely fantastic - to hear from ru55's fiancée that i was supposed to double-space the work... so i've been stressing for a week and produced double what i needed.

my take? i'm ecstatic! i can't believe i managed to produce that much, and to think it took me three days just to decide what to write on! ^_^

so now for round 2, but first i need to shower. the only bad news for the evening is that i have to take the shuttle again tomorrow. i hate my base.

i really, really enjoyed the sunset this evening. it was really pretty.

a bit embarrassed

mostly because i have neither been outside, nor done much actual work since i last posted. not counting the first fix: it has been brought to my attention that i managed to miss the whole romanticism vs industrial revolution thing. it didn't change a lot of text, but it did change a lot of meaning. and here i was all focused on the renaissance when i should've been staring at the enlightenment.

i've learned a lot this week!

drugs? bad? science? also bad??

i'm going for a walk.

don't drink and ride

not in the park, at least - those little tykes are bloody dangerous!

i left when the tree whose shade i was taking advantage of relieved itself of berries on me, staining a page of my pretty new book with juice splashes :(

my word - leary on drugs is simply wonderful! i stopped at coffeeholic on the way back to finish the chapter, and then came home to remove my blades and hop into a very cold shower :)

my work so far feels... crap. i'm deeply unsatisfied. i'm now waiting upon some sage advice, because i can't point my finger at which bits unsettle me nor how i should deal with those that i can identify.

on a completely different note: i turned my bed sideways this morning.

a cute girl i met last week removed me as a facebook friend this morning. that's not the weird bit. the weird bit is that she sent me a message apologizing for doing it. she claims that she's been asked to disconnected from our group of friends... i can't tell if that's a line or not. either way, it was enough to make me raise an eyebrow and go "huh?!"

erik von brunn responds

ready to start again

i didn't go partying last night. i read keats - fall of hyperion until late - it's absolutely brilliant and i'm ashamed that i'd never looked at it before.

i'm shocked at the responses that i've received from friends regarding my t-shirt. i don't know why it's such a big deal, especially seeing as these are people who know me, and i can only conclude that their anti-gay sentiments are strong. and that their senses of humour are failing.

i have seen wonders this morning:
water-jet: sweet as!
card magic: shape of my heart sing-a-long, this dude is awesome
here's what i don't get about hip-hop: it used to be fun, hip, interesting. it had funky beats and things to say. turn back the clock!

and am now going to continue working.

Friday, June 12, 2009

not particularly proud of my sexual preference

a short nap, a little more work, and then off to the gay pride parade.

this year's was insane. so many people! and lots loved the shirt i had made on my way there:
"if i could choose i'd be gay", and on the back "(but i can't)"

actually, the shirt was a pick-up point for a cute girl who joined us (my ex-team-mate was with me) - in retrospect, i don't know why i didn't give her my number. she does live in the neighbourhood, though, so maybe i'll see her again.

i came back to work - to shop, to eat, to take five... but i've actually made quite a bit of headway. i'm not happy with what i've produced, but it's not awful and that means i'm ready to begin getting advice :P

i drank the coffee...

... and passed out anyway. then i woke up to have the safe installed. yay! i have a place for my papers! and just in case i'm burgled, i'm leaving the key in the lock - i don't want anyone mistakenly thinking there are valuables in it :P

i shipped off the surprise package at the post-office, and was pleasantly surprised to receive the amazon package that i thought was only going to arrive next month: the wit & wisdom of discworld is stunning, but that's not where i started.

i started with leary on drugs over a beef parisian breakfast, and it is absolutely BRILLIANT!

now to get back to work. or nap first. shit, i dunno.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


the highlight of the workday: with military precision, we produced a video of the culmination of this week's disgusting jelly project. we shopped - a *very* expensive shopping, everyone contributed - and collected all the letters for the kinder, placing them strategically in the small cardboard box.
then we:
a) filled the box with oozing chocolate-coffee jelly
b) sealed the box
c) wrapped it in plastic
d) inserted it into a prepared larger cardboard box, packed with brownies, cups, and various bits to keep the inner box stable
e) sealed the outer box

all within a few well-calculated seconds. we couldn't send it, unfortunately... so it's now sitting in the entrance to my apartment, and i'll have to deliver it tomorrow. i went to buy duct-tape from the hardware store, and was informed that the hardware dude's missioning to a good party tomorrow and i might be able to join him :)

as for the rest of the day:
about two hours devoted to a very serious celebratory lunch for a project i had nothing to do with, another two for playing with the ASCII tool i made (and then using it), and the rest was spent on a milestone achievement: i have actually done something (albeit small) for the first time in half a year. fantastic!

i'm almost embarrassed at the sense of achievement.

speaking of failures, nystire tried a mentos / ice experiment that went nowhere.

we had a brainstorming session this morning, one that involves sneaky tricks on september the 19th. we're uncovering ways to perform social engineering on our commanders.

the lowlight of the workday: one of the shuttle morons proved his inability to read and comprehend today. we claimed that it's irrational to require an officer in the permanent force to take time out of his academic studies in order to be in charge of security... this can only happen because the guarding schedules are designated weekly instead of daily. THREE nco's, and they don't have the brainpower to organize a daily roster.

the response? "the shuttle is not a service for students to get to the university". in addition, the rude bastard now wants me to prove that i can't guard. with frikkin' pleasure.

i immediately fired off a mail to my TL, to thank him for his suggestion to use a specific example instead of sticking with generalizations like i'd intended to: "it's like warning someone to be careful of a cup filled with hot water, only to watch him pick up the kettle and pour its boiling contents all over himself because you didn't mention it specifically".

speaking of reading and comprehending: i've managed to produce two pages (out of five)... but this is tough. i'm going to be really upset if my peer-review team doesn't like it :/

at least my guitar fiddling is improving, and i have a couple of sounds going that sound like they're intentional ^_^

another too-early

i actually wrote some stuff last night! it's a start :D

i went with the mongoose to the book fair, and we ran into a couple of friends in time to sit with them over magic burger dinners. we then came back to my place to not work on the sign for my door, instead watching invader zim - having the box set rules :)

waking up just hurt me again. last day of the week!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

extreme heat

and dust. it was a hot, sticky day - but in the middle of it a sandstorm came up while i was outside and travelling back to my office.

waking up this morning was terrible, but once it was done and i'd made it to base i was actually okay! i even got some work done!

aside from the 4+ hours spent travelling to see the doctor (gotta have a bump removed, i've decided to do that after the dream theatre and chris cornell concerts), i threw the day towards a cute yet very necessary ASCII translator.

parsing in c# is frustrating.

i've just finished reading john keats - hyperion, and have just begun fall of hyperion. slow going, although i can only blame myself because i made more jelly (it set while still warm!) and i keep trying to strum the guitar while reading so that my fingers can get used to the F chord.
i hope it's worth my while because i'm feeling pressured - and the mongoose is coming over in a couple of hours so there's not much night left.

cooling down

that was an AWESOME run - i'm just cooling off before hitting the shower and then the hay. i have no clue how many klicks we did, but a lot of it was smooth and very downhill ^_^

also, i spent most of it with one of the guys from the first leg of last year's course, and it was great to catch up :)

with a guiness to finish, and i think i know what i'm going to write my paper on. my gaze alighted on a couple of particularly interesting verses a couple of minutes before i left to join the group, and i'm fairly certain that i have what it takes :D

only waking up at 5.30am is going to suck. the good news is that i get there, and then an hour or so later i come back to tel aviv for a doctor's appointment. genius! timing couldn't have been better ^_^

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

thumbs up and down

nobody likes the jelly. it's considered a resounding success and too close to its intended mark. as fate would have it: the box we found is labelled 6 packages x 6 cups, so all we have to do is replace "package" with "girl" and reference the number 0 :)

today was smoother than yesterday, although i was - and still am - really tired. i got work done, i was frustrated by .net's file permission handling (i'm not even wasting a second on that this evening), i began organizing another section breakfast (i hope it'll happen this time, my co-workers are really uncooperative), had my teeth cleaned, and ate a very small lunch which didn't hurt me too much.
and nystire even got us doing push-ups and sit-ups for five minutes.

since i've been home i've been browsing lots of mythology and reading keats, i've paid what appears to be the final bill from the old apartment, and i've made interesting noises with the guitar.

i'm carrying on with the research, then going rollerblading and boozing.

sunshine jelly

backwards post! i'm tired, haven't showered yet, and haven't made much progress with the paper. i keep leading myself down dead-ends and i keep getting side-tracked. this isn't good.

i just made jelly. no, really. jelly. only i made it with ground coffee and hot chocolate powder. it smells wonderful. it looks awful. it's destined to gross out the kinder when he receives a package with it smeared all over.

i just saw sunshine on my way home, stopped for two words and carried on. i saw a graph that says that the most sure-fire way to get the girl is to ignore her. i have a feeling that's not entirely accurate.

on the way home: i suffered from a sore stomach on a packed bus, while re-reading hyperion*, scribbling notes, answering both phones simultaneously while listening to groovy trance.
at least the trance was groovy :)
a really cute girl who reminded me of mpe sat down opposite me and sent me a few smiles, but i gotta be honest i'm now / still overly cautious :P

i had coffee with sammy when i went there to grab some of his books, his kids are really cute and i hadn't seen his wife in years... i unfortunately didn't have time to stay (over three hours of travelling to get to his place and back by bus).

on the bus there i took the helm of ars control - they were playing their crap music really loudly and everyone was too afraid to say something. i think i made myself some new friends :P
i'd taken the wrong bus from tel aviv, so i had to switch lines in ra'anana :(
i re-read lady of mazes on the way, it's an incredible look at human interfacing with reality. it ties in nicely with terry pratchett's explanation of how we lie to ourselves in the science of discworld ii: the globe.

i bought a ticket to see chris cornell! i didn't know until this afternoon that he's performing next week already :P
i then bought another one for the guy who informed me, he was certain they were sold out. on the way i got stuck on a fenced pavement behind a lady with a pram and a kid on a bicycle. i told the kid to get off the bike to let us through, and the lady got upset because she thought i was telling her to hurry up. oh, dear.

i took the train home with the goto guy, which was more comfortable than the shuttle and arrived at around the same time.

i closed my loan account with the army today! that felt good. take-away humus is way better than the regular sit-down meal, and the lunch chat revolved around snowboarding which is always nice :)

c++ project progression: i've explained to the guy that he's doing me a favour by letting me use my brain for once. nystire and i have been discussing the fact that i should be participating in open-source projects to keep active and interested, but without a personal excuse i've had no motivation to do so.

treachery! the work that's been irritating me the last few days with it's incompleteness? i've been feeling bad about cutting down someone else's hard work, only to discover this morning that the bastard copied it in its entirety from somewhere else - which explains why i have so much changing to do :/

i tweaked the section's virtual magic eightball today, it's looking good and running smoothly. that was a fun little distraction.

weight watching: my belly needs reducing
shoe shining: we were warned to be extra-specially presentable today, for no reason. of course, i brought out my "special occasion" pants and somehow got white paint on them...
sensitive tooth: the new filling, gonna have to complain :(

* i've decided it's a better bet than the magic pudding... and i suffered last night chrononhotonthologos, "the most tragical tragedy that ever was tragedized". this is a more appropriate tagline than it should be


i stab a pencil through the back of my neck
and pull it out the front
the whistle and whine of the breeze winding through
echoing calamity of my voiceless grunt

tears could fall, but void of heart
too rapidly to drown me
that shake, that flail of the shock to my brain
far too insincere
to save me

but easily brings me to my knees

my vision spins, my panic consumes me
but i know that this
is not really real

for i -
i -
i can never die

Sunday, June 07, 2009

too many mediocre ideas!

wow - my brain's roasting. i'm beginning to second-guess my choice for a literary topic, i'm going nuts trying to find the right angle. and that's after two pieces of advice... very frustrating.

i finally went over the definitions for i/o efficient heap and tournament tree, which don't seem too complicated to implement... although my understanding's a bit fuzzy right now. it's been a while since i last opened my algorithms book :P

the day itself was ugly. the early wakeup, the shuttle, the lunch that wouldn't go down, janitorial duty again... the only good things were paying back a loan, receiving an email from my mom (based on this bear, with the moral of the story being when you're in big trouble... take a nap and things will work out [select text to view]) and finishing up version 1 of the section's virtual magic eightball.

at least i have interesting things weighing on my mind :)

Saturday, June 06, 2009


i've already received a response regarding the application, and am already stressing over selecting an example literary topic to write about...

while searching for ideas, i came across something very interesting: atreus vs dune.

but i have to get to bed, so i'm going to have to continue stressing in the morning.

closing time

i should've gone to the performance last night. oh, well.

i put paint to canvas, for a rough - frustratingly rough - attempt at a carved globe. this is going to take me a long time. and it's only part one... i'm not sure whether to feel sad that it's not all jumping out, or happy that it's a serious challenge. i'm leaning towards the latter :)

i was listening to huey lewis - stuck with you, which took me back to a better time (emotionally). a strange thought occurred... what if the fact that i don't listen to love songs at all has had an impact on my ability to feel all those sensations and emotions that i've associated with those songs? is it possible that when one begins each relationship or sexual encounter without the anticipation of experiencing them foremost in one's mind that they simply don't develop when they should?

ugh. i just discovered that i'm going to have to catch the shuttle in the morning :(

i finally wrote and sent an application to study for a master's degree. at only 28 years old :P
i'll have to take quite a few prerequisite courses, but quite frankly anything connected to english lit is a good start for me - definitely better than not studying anything!

i love this instructive flash-mob starter video, but found myself perturbed by one comment in particular: "i wonder what motivated him in the first place?... it's that sort of stupid i find unnecessary.

PA vs IDF in perspective

barefoot and burned

i slept a lot, woke up to a good breakfast, and put on my blades to get to the designated area.

i did try to stay in the shade, but i still came back a bit red... it was a wonderful picnic, lots of good food, beer, and great company :)

today was the first time i've come across someone with the exact same sunglasses, and he's also a huge admirer :)

i'm amused that i was barefoot the entire day, and my feet remained relatively clean. i also see it as a partial compensation for not having stomped last night :P

after coming back and showering, i went to coffeeholic for coffee and conversation, now it's time to eat / paint / make some more noise :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

if it wasn't for my horse...

i just suddenly remembered something horrid that happened yesterday morning. i was sitting at my desk with my back to the world, when i suddenly heard my TL informing someone in a stupidly loud voice: "and here's DEE-JAY TOTAL-WASTE", in an exaggerated announcement as if he was trying to impart something important.
i turned around in time to see the girl from our sister unit respond by asking me, in an odd voice, "is that trance?!"

what the hell?!?! that kind of thing could cause an aneurysm.


after that, i suddenly had a daymare: the thought of my brother's elder son coming to israel and looking for a place to stay. i realize that i don't have anything to worry about, but the kid is loathsome and i'd feel obligated :(


i've lost hope, i won't be going to party with groovy people tonight. that makes me sad.


i'm about to finish watching the pilot episode of the prisoner. it's very cool.

hunting fellow groovy troopers

i got the shopping done, washed the floors, and went to the beach. i shouldn't have had the beer, or maybe just shouldn't have gone at all - i try not to consume caffeine on the weekends and my ipod was charging. i ended up feeling just... sort of... not much.

i was amused by the american dude selling opium incense, though.

poena is koning, i really enjoyed it. one line in particular had me in hysterics: "hy het met my ma die hele week in die omo gewees" (he and my mother spent the whole week hitting the washing powder) ^_^
i'm glad the copy i downloaded didn't have subtitles, because i would have read them... aside from one or two bits where i had to rewind and focus it was very comfortable and the (ab)use of the language itself was entertaining :)

now i'm trying desperately, almost hopelessly, to organize my way to a party where shift's playing tonight - i really wanna go! *NEED* to jump up and down! there's no other justification for a car, so i don't have one :/

a song!

musically probably not particularly unique, but a song nonetheless - i'm extremely happy that i can go over old poetry and find things that work ^_^
my fingers are hurting a bit, i think i'll leave "F" out of any near-future endeavours :P

so i've practised with my gee-tar, and i've caught up on all sorts of net news. do i go back to bed? do i go to the beach? do i go shopping? the world is my oyster, apparently :P

stop motion with wolf and pig - inspired video

project natal - tycho from penny arcade's a bit skeptical. i'm actually not sure i got it - it's all very impressive, but where's the bit where milo recognizes her mood?

and in a twisted follow-up to my earlier post: old jews can be crimelords, too! what specifically bothers me is that they incinerate such vast quantities of potential tax revenue.
no shame.

the hebrew mamita is my hero :)

simple optic solution - good news!

slightly less enthusiastic

about that girl last night - turns out she's dating the guy who works there. oh, well.

at least i discovered that without making a complete ass of myself :)


more sleep!


i'm blown away by an article on the nice people take drugs campaign - i wish them the best of luck, and pray that their attitude makes it over the water in all directions!
we have enough things to worry about and spend precious resources on, this doesn't need to be one of them.

it would be SO nice if we, as a species, could begin using our brains and stop living in fear of the world around us again... and we're not even going to *begin* debating the cost effectiveness of banning vs. treatment. as bill hicks said, "we lost a moron! good!", and for the rest - to quote him again - "it's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom".

if freedom to use drugs were so bad, then why does everyone miss the 60's? there's nothing more gratifying than watching the townsfolk in the woodstock documentary discussing what lovely, well-behaved kids were showing up.

scratch before sleep

i have barely enough energy left to write this, but i had to before forgetting it all in the glorious sleep that is to come:

the day was absolutely, stupidly tiresome. shuffling-dead sort of thing. it did produce some funny ideas (which need to be drawn), and for a couple of hours we forgot ourselves and made a virtual magic eight-ball for our section.

the food was tolerable at least, but i learned a very good lesson about strange impulses... don't put barbecue sauce in your coffee. it will only end in wasted coffee and a very strange, uncomfortable sensation in your gullet.

i bought a safe today, which will be installed next week, and that leaves only the insurance quantification unresolved.

i went to the beach - the sunset was magic! and i managed to send off idiot girl without causing too much offense!
when i got home, i headed straight for the shower and immediately afterwards made myself a sandwich - i lost track of the time and left late for ma'ayan hirschbein's birthday... i made it just in time :)

the performance was incredible! moving, really excellent, i just wish i hadn't been so exhausted after such a long week (to be fair, i was having difficulty looking at my screen at work today) and towards the end it was a struggle to keep my eyes open :S
but i loved every moment of it, it was worth the fight ^_^

on the way home i stopped by coffeeholic for a quick energy restore (good iced-coffee) and to chat with the cute girl from last night - a good start, i think :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009


not a happy wake-up. why is the anaesthetic point from two days ago still hurting? i think nystire's right and i've developed an infection. i can't believe i'm off to base feeling like this, i'm very glad today's thursday. i see lots of coffee in my immediate future.

not the same

i didn't message that girl, i tried calling again - again she didn't answer. then i went shopping, and after offloading everything i met up with my nemesis at coffeeholic, where i got offered kayaking lessons by another very cute regular.

hmmm :)

my nemesis convinced me to join him and his buddies at the performance of dr kasper, which was much closer than eatliz and supposedly excellent. it's a question of taste, really.
i mean, it's nice, fun rock, but nothing special - not quite as awe-inspiring at eatliz. besides, it was very late and the place was way too crowded.

to make my morning more interesting - no rides, so i gotta take the shuttle. suck.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

it wants to be happy again

i just remembered - last night, every time someone used a horn (car, or rollerblader with airhorn), a certain voice popped into my head saying "beep beep, ritchie".
it was hard to keep myself from saying it out loud... every time :P

this morning was really nice - i love going back to my old base! it was a good day, too - one of the girls from my old section just got released, and i was in time to leave a nice note :)

nystire and i stopped for lunch (good call, much better quality than the mess) and arrived at work... that was the part of the day i didn't enjoy so much. i've just discovered that my new job is almost as pitiful as the last one. i had a break - about an hour of attempting to unravel spaghetti code that was about as successful as this cooling unit.

i did manage to stir up a bit of trouble regarding recycling, but then to offset that i received a reply to one of monday's complaints. the bastard responded favourably to the specific example but ignored the greater issue :/

i loaded the washing machine and went off to the beach, enjoyed a very pretty sunset with great music and the words "groovy trooper" making me smile repeatedly. there's a party happening this friday and i really want to go.

i got a call as the sun was setting, a request for assistance with a c++ project - i'm definitely going to give it a look-see ^_^

i'm home, having been stopped on the way and instructed to sms that girl from the coffeeholic, and i'm contemplating going to see eatliz performing tonight.

ooh, almost forgot - master's! i have made first contact... now to try and organize around my unforeseeable next year so that i can get back to academia :)

why are my clothes not drying? i've brought them into my entrance in desperation, but it's pretty inconvenient :(

just got in, showered...

and am off to bed. it was a really good run, especially the bits through the misty park ^_^

we stopped for "dancing camel" beer, and their midnight stout is ingenious! coffee flavoured beer!

i think the best part of all was the last section back - i haven't bladed freely and alone on empty main roads since i was a lad, and the sensation is magic. good night :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a long day, now to blade

last night was nice, the new location is pretty sweet and there were quite a few pretty girls :)
this morning was particularly difficult to wake up to. i was still annoyed by idiot girl from yesterday evening, but i got some advice about how to deal with her...

my eye's shaking so much that looking at a screen is causing motion sickness. i really hope it doesn't last up to three weeks.

i kept falling asleep on the dentist's chair this morning, she was getting irritated asking me repeatedly to open my mouth. i'm suspicious that the rest of the day's low points were related to the anaesthetic. who likes being lopsided?

so that's two of us who couldn't talk... the goto guy's lost his voice. i hope it's not contagious.

on the plus side, i missed lunch and consumed a couple of instant-noodly-types instead. i felt better for it. of course, feeling better is a relative term - i've been tired all day and feeling a bit on the dodgy, unhealthy side. i've just had coffee and the usual tuna salad and i'm going out anyway - i can't not exercise.

i'm not really listening to aubrey de grey, but that's because i'm a deathist and i think he's wasting his time. we have more important things to do - like extend the lifespan of our species:
"yeah - but this assumes that the person who's aging and dying is doing so all alone. the ADVANTAGE of dying is that we have great incentive to do stuff with the time we have and raise up a new, improved generation.


i'm just saying.

i called up my isp to complain about my connection speed. they've been telling me i have a 1.5MB line, but it's 1.5Mb - "what? you actually expected 1.5 megaBYTES?!"
love them.
it has been suggested that i offer to pay them in shikils, which we'll define as 1/8th of a shekel.

a rather profound calvin and hobbes

here's a tale of plane woe that's morosely true.

i'm not sure about taking out the tinfoil helmet this week.

Monday, June 01, 2009

to quote fran fine:

"oh - my - gwawd!"
i can smell the stupid! i just had my sunset on the beach (and a STUNNING sunset it was, the water was fantastic and there was an incredible light show) severely damaged by a girl who i can now only describe as my polar opposite. i'm sure i've mentioned her before - i took a course with her and had to carry her through the homework assignments. she's a complete energy sucker, and i didn't know how to disengage. she's of the type that doesn't get hints.

i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do next time i see her. i would much rather do without her company :S

judgemental? yes, i am. she's not bright, has a bad attitude... is phenomenally sensitive, and i don't want a suicide on my head* so i need to be relatively nice about saying goodbye :/


not helping


i can't stand stupidity.

anyway, today was whinge-day, appropriately enough. i put forward a complaint concerning the nco that i mentioned yesterday, and finally, after months of despair, got back on the horse and sent through an updated version of my formal complaint against the military magazine publishing house for not letting me opt out. i quote: "until such time as it becomes mandatory for me to read your magazine, i will continue to not read it".

i got my copy of wired yesterday, and i found a surprising amount of time to read it today. in addition to that achievement, after months of suffering i managed to make my TL understand that i've been doing pointless work until now - i haven't achieved a damn thing this last quarter. we sat and planned together, and the first task i was given was done by the end of the day. i hope this lasts.

don't put developers near shiny red handles / buttons - we spent a significant part of the afternoon playing with gas levers and condoms. i have a funny video to show for it - and an amusing quote: "i've never actually had fun with a condom before".

when i got home i saw photos of protoplasm in his jester's outfit reading my mum her telegram - fantastic! ^_^

oh, yes - i called the girl from the coffee shop but she didn't answer, and she didn't call back. do i call again? i'm not familiar with the protocol.

*when i was a lad, i once went downstairs to wish my parents and all their guests a good night, and all except one got a kiss on the cheek.
"why didn't you kiss him?" - they asked, inappropriately.
"because he's so ugly!" - answered little mr. honest.
now i'm sure i'm not the reason he committed suicide, but the story is a part of my psychological make-up**.

**why did i suddenly think of the story of my father cleaning me with a hosepipe because he didn't do diapers?

please don't

today started off last night as i got into bed, with a sudden and intense fear. last time it was sharks, this time it was pennywise the clown.

i had an opportunity to advance a bit with my guitar this morning, my fingers are finally flexible enough to hold the strings with the tips - a much better sound. of course, it's a new bunch of places to hurt :P

first important note for the day: skinny jeans. there's no justification for wearing them, they make you look stupid. couple them with winkle-pickers and you have a candidate for worst dressed ever.

i waited 45 minutes for the first bus, and an hour and a half for the second. more than i would need if i was a civilian to say "i quit". in fact, i said it a number of times today, but there's nobody around who can make it official.

my twitch (right eyelid) is getting the better of me. nystire tells me it's stress-related, but it's aggravating and it needs to go away :/

the day began with me sorting out a hardware problem (much hysterical laughter in the background), and then a most empirical lunch - i'm ready to make an official claim that the primary source of my illness over the course of the last few weeks is directly related to the quality of food consumed in the mess on a daily basis.

nystire's quote for the day: "bulimia - zero calories, twice the taste!"

i dealt with the food using a nap (i'm very glad both idiot commanders were out today) and too much chocolate (tim tams, there is such a thing as too much), right before entering a pointless and boring meeting for an hour and following that up by justifying my salary with an hour and a half cleaning the kitchen and taking out the trash.

the last wonder of the day was fighting with the nco-ness of the idiot in charge of the shuttle. i'll be making a formal complaint tomorrow - he's not willing to allocate (or capable of, it doesn't matter) the guard duty in an intelligent fashion and has kicked two of our officers off because they're not willing to commit to his rotation. i *will* make a noise.

i was awfully unhappy when i got home, and went off immediately to try and remedy my state of mind by buying canvases and sitting at coffeeholic. halfway through my meal there my mood did improve, the other locals were providing a good laugh and i've been given the number of one of the cute girls in an attempt by... everyone... at matchmaking. i'll invite her somewhere neutral :P

i met up with sjo at the train station and we caught the bus to the cinema. i was shocked that we missed the first twenty minutes of the movie - they started the actual movie at the listed time. no promos, no adverts. wtf?!?!

star trek is a great film, i really enjoyed myself. we took a walk and a shuttle (the taxi driver lurking outside the mall asked for a preposterous sum of money for a short drive), and i'm now hopping into the shower before waking up in four hours to catch the damn shuttle.

i *hate* the shuttle. i *hate* my base.