Wednesday, July 01, 2015

this midweek day off thing is good

the world is changing. we're getting married in three days, and gd's been hunting deals on car seats and cribs. i've been properly sinking my teeth into the project i've been toying with since the end of last year.

and it's canada day today. happy canada day!

last monday (22nd june - yeah, seriously.):

on my way into work a bug landed on my neck. i did a little dance on the sidewalk when it happened, and then repeated the dance as i walked into the company's cafeteria when i realized that it was still there. i thought i'd heard it hit the floor, so when the elevator doors closed i was pretty surprised to feel that it had crawled into my shirt. inverting my shirt in a panic, muttering "what the fuck?!" and "ohshitohshitohshit", might not have been so worrying to my fellow passengers had i simply explained why i was behaving like that, but once i was done and that damned ladybug was visibly away from my body i just resumed my regular stance and faced forwards.

a full morning of deployment management, good lunch fluxx
polishing the project delivery (a silly mistake in a hotfix on my part), extracting magic from my team and struggling to explain why we're pushing to do more on another project that we could've legitimately closed a month ago
nem making a name for himself as a man who can't
an hour of work traded for an in-depth debate about nutrition and the importance of getting paid for art (and the failure of our education systems to teach us how to function in a basic business capacity)
finally going for an electronic recycling victory, but seriously feeling the sun's effect on my neck even when wearing sunscreen and sticking to the shade

have i ever mentioned that i'm not a big fan of summer?

rest, dinner, shadowrun: dragonfall. the more i play the more i realize i'm going to need to play again; dragonfall is HUGE.

last tuesday:

waking up very late, transitioning from foo fighters' x-static to israeli rock, post-coffee rush and another sad pair of broken earphones

sweating profusely during a client briefing.

to nem (said indirectly, in a number of ways): how can you think you can manage development when you're not a good developer, you don't have an understanding of the product and you deliberately create knowledge silos?

good-ish run, a relieving cold shower
afternoon fun, interviewing, long hours of performance review

coming home to a sink full of imposition and compost sludge

happy saint jean-baptiste.

jim jefferies: bare repeat and then an epsidoe of legit (not amazing)

last wednesday (saint jean-baptiste):

nutrition arguments, first-world problems, resting, gd's friend's visit, struggling to setup remote desktop connection from my iphone to my laptop and airplay that to the apple tv (it almost worked, but the sound kept dying and it was hell on our network)

cowboy bebop, a difficult choice for the hungry
the butler is a wonderful movie, but you probably knew that already.


when guilt becomes explosive, righteous indignation
late to work, a long day of back-to-back meetings broken only for half an hour of sketching and about an hour of bureaucratic headaches

leaving early, feeling ill
dinner in front of black butler (uncomfortably weird)
a hard talk with my mom

cowboy bebop, animatrix, deep sleep


french lessons, compost montreal irritation blowing up into cancellation
tan-reducing techniques

db replication lessons from confoo - replication is inherently faulty, but using a queue (kafka) where actions are dequeued only when all databases have been updated is good. also, foreign keys are bad.
almost getting work done before discovering a huge failure and spending the next hours coaching juniors and writing a bloody long incidence report

gd discovering vega protein bars after months of me asking her to try them: she couldn't have just one.

walking into the gym to run, walking out after almost slipping on some poor bastard's blood (the cleanup crew was on it, but there was a lot).

shopping, cooking, animatrix, done.


waking up on that fine line between just enough sleep and too much
positively irritable, trying to backup photos and getting drawn in to the last papers i wrote before leaving israel
paying customs double-charge on our wedding rings because they weren't labelled as replacements; at least we won't have to go through that experience again
re-rescheduling laser hair removal
mohawked police in fatigues rushing the metro is all the intimidation you need

apple store ipad replacement, not being able to afford the shake i normally get and not explaining to the popeye's guy why i was stressed when i thought they were out of vega protein bars

freaking out about finances: i make good money in a city with a low cost of living and i'm still struggling to support my family, and i don't have the right to a second source of income until i get residence. at least i can set things up to be ready for when it is legal for me.

shopping, lunch, moving furniture, watching gd watch leprechaun: origins which is a solidly horrifying movie to anyone with writing sensibilities

getting my openshift act together, working satisfyingly well until late and feeling a sense of empowerment

going to bed early


a good night's sleep in spite of a short but intense rls incident
peaceful, productive wake up

rainy sunday
enjoying horseman's enthusiasm for my project and hearing some good ideas
deciding to take a nap, then being surprised by one of gd's friends who thought we were having a baby shower. not awkward at all:
"what are you doing here?" she asked, wondering why i would be at the baby shower.
"i live here," i answered, "what are *you* doing here?" thinking she'd come to visit our neighbours.

burning hours trying to get remote database access for my openshift instance - the tutorials have significant room for improvement - and eventually getting some idea of how to do it before a drawing crisis followed by a dinner crisis led to a new poem and delicious food (made with anguish) in front of agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.


of course, after wasting hours trying to remotely connect to my openshift application using their documentation and "specialized" software, i found a simple solution in basic port forwarding that nobody was talking about :S

rewriting friday's incidence report, investing in political correctness
a relaxed day, not delivering what was intended but it wasn't the end of the world

that weird moment as i realized during warmup that this is my last week officially single
a good boxing class in spite of my wrist acting up again, finishing all the cardio in spite of a particularly heavy belly

leftovers dinner with agents of s.h.i.e.l.d., useful progress with my node project


i don't even know where to begin with my dream's level of insanity. the owner of an enormous estate died and came back to tend to his wealth as a zombie, and his loyal goons were oblivious. everything was crazy high-tech. there was a competition run by a remarkably cruel woman to find victims. various attempts at escape from various elements of the estate, including an intense car chase

waking up to a sleeping gd throwing her exhalations in a way that made me get up to check that there wasn't an intruder in the corridor.

back to dreaming: a long bus ride, sitting out the window feeling the night air in the countryside

small node victories, remembering to wear the lumo lift, a morning full of individual meetings with my team; valuable feedback, and the guy who's leaving the team made it clear - politely - that he's not a fan

a tough run with a strong focus on my posture, unfortunately hurting my knee.

closing our quarter on a strong note, staying late to describe a new strategy that might actually solve our problems instead of patching them

walking out into rain, walmart fun [note: sarcasm], and sharing in gd's weirdness over the crib in our baby room, card selection pressure at the front of a queue, not eating properly

russell brand: messiah complex is really good. some particularly funny bits, a surprisingly extensive range of clever bits, and overall consistently entertaining. i'm rather glad i watched it.

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