Friday, July 17, 2015


this week has been completely owned by ratatat. i really feel like my life was missing something before their grooves got lodged deep in my brain.


weak forearms, crashing early


waking up early but relatively well
a productive hour in the office before rushing off the the hospital because it's too much to ask that doctors in the maternity ward treat pregnant women as if they're pregnant and having a hard enough time as it is.

if i ask for a soy latte after i've ordered a sandwich and you suggest a trio, i'm going to assume that both of those items constitute part of that trio. if you've convinced me to add a salad to that and then when we get to the checkout you inform me that only filter coffee can be an element of a trio, you're an asshole and you can keep your damned salad while i keep your tip. #firstworldproblems

returning to the office to hear exciting news about our project schedule, to wade through a lot of bureaucratic nonsense (and learning that i got our packages mixed up because our project manager is utterly incompetent) and to learn about spiratest and establish conventions for our developers

no, epicure, i will not spend $14 on a watermelon, you bastards.

home, shopping, mom's grandmaternity planning
discovering node.js payment options and being really glad i picked the right infrastructure. stripe is awesome, and i wouldn't have known about it if i hadn't tried to read a bit of wired magazine for the first time in a while


brushing my teeth, lying down on the bed in the fan's breeze at 1am and then hearing "i want watermelon"...
... climbing back up into the heat and taking the still-cool watermelon and sliding through its perfect ripeness with the perfect slicer and generating the best excuse for brushing my teeth twice

waking up at 3.30am to the sound of a box filled with small objects hitting the floor and scattering its contents

the struggle to get up out of bed after finally getting perfectly comfortable after a long, rough night was lessened by some good laughs and a last perfect slice of watermelon

hot run thoughts: seeking job security  is a sign of weakness, if i'm good at my job i'll figure out a way to do it so efficiently and effectively that i'll be able to free myself for more interesting challenges

a long day of bureaucratic project management headaches caused by our aforementioned incompetent pm.

coming home to kitchen learning disabilities that turned into a long, rough lesson on aspie adjustments to pregnancy


starting the day hopping from one foot to the other

project planning, code reviews and giving parenting advice to a moron
making up hours by staying late and finishing evaluations

a reminder of why gd and i are made for each other
a solid couple of hours on my project and making exciting progress


suddenly registering the time at 1.40am

a good night's sleep, getting out of bed early and learning how to make a tax amendment: screw accountants, man. between the website and telephone support i sorted it out myself in less time than it would have taken to get to their offices.

bureaucracy: revenu quebec would not make payments until we set up direct deposit. now that that's done, the payments can be deducted from our amount due. did they *really* need to know where not to send the money?

nifty and i spent half an hour on the rape scene for the comic... it's not explicit but it came out so well that it actually generated anxiety! totally made my day, and he had fun in spite of his sensitivity.

an afternoon spent reviewing and coaching (and learning a little along the way)

hitting the gym feeling woozy and weak, but making it through with only a little weariness and feeling good after a satisfying effort.

watching a guy who started training around the same time as me rolling with firas zahabi for almost five minutes before he finally got submitted in one of the most entertaining jiujitsu battles i've ever seen

a decent bit of work before absolute exhaustion set in

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