Tuesday, February 03, 2015


staying up late last night to sort out my computer, removing the software i was hoarding - completely coincidentally after watching obsessions

a night of deep sleep and deeper, lucid dreams; a late morning because the best way to restore willpower is to sleep in love's arms after your alarm has gone off

walking through a -29 windy blizzard feeling grateful for my mask and my new mittens.

being forced to answer a call from the dentist in french while at my desk, getting complemented on how i forced my way through

a walmart mission against a cold wind to pick up a battery for our audio remote, standing in line and overhearing a conversation about how good ear candles are. ear candles are DANGEROUS.

the frozen synapse tutorial is pretty cool, the single player campaign begins really well

gd finding her birthday surprise a week early, i KNEW i should have brought it to work...

work permit error corrected, freaking out only a little bit when i thought there might be a problem

post-work shopping expedition, brilliant dinner and watching up (cute, amusing, not my favourite but waaaay better than frozen)
a little bit more frozen synapse (i suck) before bed

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