Saturday, May 24, 2014

skew view

my left trapezius is buggered, my neck's hurting and my backside... it just got progressively worse and until an hour or two ago any movement at all has been extremely painful. so i came home and rested on the couch in front of life 2.0, which was a worthy look at second life and the world of possibilities it opens up. i was particularly fascinated by the recreation of las vegas which is already a simulacrum, and the results of the "little girl" experiment.

i did pass out for a short while somewhere in the middle, and dreamed that gd was pointing out a hand-sized hairy spider that was clearly looking at us and preparing to attack. i grabbed a chair and slammed an edge into it, all the while with the absolute willies. i woke up with them, wondering if i hadn't incorporated a real spider during rem and worriedly hunting my lounge for it.

after posting yesterday, i continued mail clearing which involved watching wil wheaton and the penny arcade guys playing shadows over camelot. i can't decide how i feel about the game itself, but their game was fun to watch.

i skipped sparring and went to the boxing class. i took a lot of abuse but returned fire once or twice, and the general vibe between me and the coach was light and fun. he gave me two new guys to teach, the second one being the same big guy i worked with yesterday! he took a long time to get the hang of things, but i was proud by the end of the class when i got him through some combinations with speed *and* power :)


and on the third day he remembered to put his piercings back in after training.


i was in the mood for indian but didn't want to pay as much as we've been to the place gd usually orders from, so i called masala palace next to snowdon and picked up my order on the way. that was a great idea! it would've been even better had gd been comfortable eating it... she managed to bite her cheek pretty badly :(

so we sat watching community for a while, i overate and was unable to move much anyway. a little bit of clumsiness caused some amusing drama (it took a moment for our communal sense of humor to kick in), and we both went to bed exhausted and ready for a new day.

it took me over an hour to get out of bed this morning, my ass was in such pain! but i'd slept quite well in any event. my sinuses can't decide if they're clear or not... i've just been invited to brunch, so i'm gonna take a tablet just in case.

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