Wednesday, May 07, 2014

old sayings

i barely slept last night. for the first time in days i wasn't suffering from rls, but i had a sinus headache and could barely breathe all night. i'm amazed that i managed not to bother gd at all.

i began the day starting a book that one of scrapper's friends has published for kindle. the first two pages already disappointed me because it's clear that nobody really proof-read the work, but otherwise it seems alright and i'm going to keep going at least until i know how i feel.

it's a stunning spring day today. i ran two loads of laundry while complaining to the building managers about the state of the toilet in the laundry room - we all agree that there's no need for a toilet in the laundry room, especially if it's going to be left in such a disgusting state that we have to hold our breaths while in there.


the expression of the day is "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". after speaking to the other company's recruiter it became clear that they're going to need more than another day to decide if they want me, and i don't want to let this current opportunity - which is an excellent one - slip by only to not get the other one. so that's it, we're done, i accepted the job offer and i'm going in this afternoon to sign the papers and get busy with the permit application.


in the meanwhile, i've been working on a poem that i wanted to prepare for the finals on sunday. the slam limit is three minutes. at 1:30 i felt it was too short, but now it's 3:45 and i can't cut anything from it without significantly damaging it.


watching a lego construction of serenity is an excellent use of ten minutes of downtime. it's beautiful!

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