Thursday, May 08, 2014

breathing difficulties

i tried to rest yesterday after posting but it was most unhelpful, i got up with a blocked nose and a sinus headache and my brain was slowed down noticeably.

sinusitis was making me stupid. i was *this* close to going up to the pharmacy counter, looking helplessly at the pharmacist and saying "excuse me, i has the dumb."
but soon afterwards, i pointed at my unannounced coffee at starbucks and asked "what's that?"
"oh, it's just water."
i was irritated, but feeling a lot less stupid by comparison.


after meds and caffeine i dressed casual-smart and went to the office to sign the contract. it was quick and a pleasure and i did it with the confidence that i'm making the right decision. now to wait for them to call me in to complete the permit application and then take a month or two of actual holiday ^_^

i walked out into fifteen degrees with no more layers than a shirt and it was warm enough to break a sweat. oh, summer. please stay back.


i went to gd's work where there was an exhibition of one of her co-worker's art; it wasn't really my cup of tea, but it was amusing to be dragged around the room to meet everyone who'd been dying to find out who gd's mystery man was. one woman made me feel super awkward when she told me what a beautiful spirit gd is and warned me "if you hurt her..."
a) i know she's a beautiful spirit, or i wouldn't be so excited to be with her.
b) really, little old lady? do i look like i'd ever hurt her intentionally? or, more to the point, what precisely would you do to me?

yes, yes. i know it's something people say. but it's aggressively negative and weird. it kinda invalidates the "pleased to meet you" that came before.


i managed to spill gd's wine on my jacket and tuque (which just happened to be in my pocket); i'm glad it's the end of the season and i'll be sending it off for its last dry-clean before putting it away for a while.

we quickly stopped at gd's so she could pick up some stuff, detoured slightly to get soy ice-cream and then came to my place. we shopped quickly, made and ate dinner and watched half of the uncut amadeus.


horrible sinuses, dry lips, disgusting nose, throat and chest aside, we celebrated something wonderful last night. we definitely are made for each other.


my post-medication sinuses are still rough and i woke up a bit stoned because of it, but i'm feeling a bit better now. it's been a gorgeous, slow day, gd woke up in the mood to play tekken* which just blows my mind, and after that and lunch and this we're going to head off to Do Stuff. primary items on the list include art supplies for her and a poetry meeting with rabbit because i have to get her opinion on my selection for sunday's finals.

* i played against ghosts. they're way easier than the ai on ultra-hard and i leveled up brian to 1st dan without any trouble.

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