Thursday, March 13, 2014

shallow breaths

i'm amused no end by the fact that i can't get stellan skarsgård out of my head. the guy who coached us yesterday strongly reminded me of him.


i had an absolutely horrible night last night, even after taking meds it was a struggle to breathe. at around 4am i took additional meds, after comparing the two boxes with blurry vision to make sure i wasn't doing something stupid. i did get some sleep after that, but it wasn't great and it ended at 6.59am when something set off our fire alarm.

what a fantastic way to wake up.

once everything settled down i tried studying a bit more, but not much was going in. i fired off an email asking to postpone my interviews until monday, and was offered a date more than three weeks from now. won't they have filled the position by then?! i got them to bring it forward to next week.

the great thing is that i have direction and motivation to prepare for this interview, but it's really good for me in general; if these guys don't pick me up after all this, somebody has to!

experience + refreshed cs knowledge = win.

after what my sister told me about my niece and her new husband... i'm wondering if i should sent her this.

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