Wednesday, February 05, 2014

fluid discomfort

i judge myself unfairly sometimes. tonight, for example, i was trying to open a new jar and the struggle shamed me: i'm naturally strong, i've been training hard for most of a year, and *i'm* having difficulty? sheesh! how can i possibly call myself a man, when that's one of my two prime directives?


i've spent the past twenty four hours most unhappy with my body. my sinuses have been overworked and my throat and lungs have been paying the price... good thing i don't actually have much to do these days, right? :/

i slept in as long as possible, drank as much tea and water as i could, halfheartedly studied french, played tekken, watched trigun, bits of rocky iv, and maz jobrani: i come in peace. and, of course, an episode of downton abbey with dinner. hardcore stuff. not exactly focused.

i have to say that maz jobrani surprised me. the beginning didn't seem like my kind of comedy but some of his bits were brilliant and brilliantly executed. i'd just seen a couple of minutes of anjelah johnson: that's how we do it and was utterly confused as to why members of the audience were laughing. i even skipped around a bit just in case, but no. no clue to be found.

oh, and WHY THE HELL DON'T ANY OF THE BOXERS IN THE ROCKY SERIES COVER THEIR HEADS? like, *ever*. and they don't weave or slip either. now i understand that there're plenty of famous brawler/sluggers, but my favourite quote from a real fight?
"utterly without boxing skill"
(while looking for somebody to have said something... i found this gem. not quite what i was looking for, but anyway...)


i spoke to my mum earlier, and while things aren't bad for her they've become unstable and that displeases me greatly. 2014, could we please go back to the positivity we shared when i was in cape town? thanks ever so much.

online dating: there's a girl i was "meh" about from the beginning but she was being so friendly i didn't feel right not responding. now i feel like i've been leading her on, even though i don't *get* why she hasn't noticed my tone going from chummy to extremely bored. i definitely do not want to meet her in real life, and i think i've learned a lesson about not breaking my own rules.

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