Friday, February 07, 2014

breathshort 2

i started reading about the 80-10-10 diet this morning, got bored very quickly and began looking up critiques. some of the critiques are downright uninformed. some make sense. the diet itself doesn't sound reasonable at all.

in contrast, the new canadian immigration laws publicized today do seem reasonable.

when the cleaning lady arrived i headed to starbucks to be out of her way, stopping in at the pharmacy to pick up ephedrine tablets. i do feel a bit clearer for them, but i'm still having surprise fits of coughing and i easily got short of breath when i tried working the bags in the gym. i've *done* that shit, it's *so* 2013. let's not do this again, huh? kthxbye.

i spent my coffee reading sherlock holmes and attempting, in vain, to eavesdrop on the french being spoken at the table next to me. i walked out as soon as my coughing became uncontrollable. i didn't want to be that guy.

the fit was over by the time i walked past subway so i decided to take my pre-training meal there. i felt particularly judgemental standing behind a mother with her two kids, secretly frowning upon their choices of meats and cheese. what have i become?

as i said, the training didn't work out so well. kgb's joined us, though, which is cool, and i'll teach him kickboxing until he's ready to join the advanced class because he's not able to make the beginner classes. on another note, i'm pretty sure the boxing coach doesn't like me any more. i was most interested to discover that my progress has been marked by instructors in the gym that i didn't realize were at all interested...

anyway, lots of tekken, now dinner, then french.

oh. and i received a message from the company i was applying for. i'm not surprised that it was a rejection letter. oh, well.

oh, canada. not only are some of the city halls flying gay pride flags in defiance of sochi, but there's the greatest olympic video of all time that's just been released.

and on a slightly more personal yet no less political note: a band is suing the states for using its music for torture. rock on!

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