Friday, January 31, 2014

linguistic enthusiasm

i'm working through duolingo with kularis - fruitopia in the background, it's hard to stop bouncing.

but that's not why i'm excited: here i thought "survivant" was going to be my word for the week... "over living". but coming across "somme" for the first time as "sum", and realizing that "we are" is "we sum" in french? ah ha! it's the little things, i'm amazed i didn't think of it / come across it sooner.

i'm feeling super nerdy right now. just sharin'.

epic dreams this morning, ending in helping the girl flee a tiger; a pussy cat in human form but mindlessly vicious as a beast, alternating between aiding her and hunting her.


after four days of mean winds... what a magnificent day! not exactly warm, but it might as well have been ^_^

aside from losing my new flash drive today, i spent a good chunk of it working on my comics with exciting success. it might have been even better had i not been sitting next to two girls who were ostensibly studying while sharing their incredible wit with the rest of us... sadly, they only left after i'd already done what i'd set out to do but i still managed to focus better at the starbucks than i would have at home. as long as i don't have access to a fridge and am sitting in a place with a purpose i'm far better equipped to avoid distractions.

afterwards i had lunch at subway while reading more harry potter, then shopped - suffering awkward checkout lady explaining how my sweater would help prevent my being run over - before returning home to read sherlock holmes, nap and study. aaaaaand now i'm off to the gym.


speaking of which, i spoke to wire today and he thinks he'll be back in training soon - i'm hoping that means i'll be getting my money back. i know i should probably write off the debt, but it bothers me because i gave him the money for a very specific purpose and that's not what it was used for :/

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