Tuesday, May 14, 2013

revisiting: saturday

i'm splitting these up. it's been a crazy week.


i got up only a little later than usual, as i'd been invited to aota's daughter's hebrew naming. she'd simply never gotten around to it, and so newk'd (who's not jewish) and i found ourselves in a synagogue on a shabbat morning. nice little shul, actually, very relaxed and informal. i was amused to discover that by the time i arrived her daughter still hadn't settled on a name; i helpfully ran through a whole bunch of hebrew names for her explaining what they mean :P

the meal afterwards was less a meal than a set of snacks with some bread, but suddenly it was a few glasses of scotch and a couple of hours later and we'd been talking non-stop about all sorts of things. i enjoyed talking to the rabbi, whose opinions differ very much from mine but who's pleasant to discuss things with.

after a nice-enough afternoon i was exhausted and hurried home for an emergency nap. i emerged feeling utterly shite, convinced that i'd come down with something. chatting with my mom picked me up quite a bit, at least until we discussed my uncle and that got me all riled :(

i shambled throughout the evening, doing laundry and shopping, then being upset at 10pm because the tumble-dryer hadn't done its job at all. i converted my apartment into a blocky set of washing lines, worked some more with moonlighter and then started preparing to go out - yang had sent me an invitation to a party he wasn't going to. chromatone would be playing! i tuned in to psychedelik.com and one of his tracks was on. it had to be some sort of sign :P

see... i'd been feeling so bad that i wasn't quite sure i was up for a party...

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