Tuesday, April 09, 2013


training in front of a mirror: when your body says "fuck you", you can look yourself in the eye to say "no, man, fuck YOU". and finish it.

boxing was even tougher than kickboxing. i'm all shaky now.


work today wasn't bad. aota and i had a long chat about demotivation and i got away with implying that our dumbest intern is an idiot while still being cheerily helpful. if he was smarter he might have noticed.

also, the it guy explained why he didn't get a phone call from the station: they confiscate your phone, and only allow you to call numbers you remember. how antiquated! who remembers phone numbers these days??


my first holocaust memorial day outside of israel in a long time. the best i could do was write a poem, but i think it needs more work before i upload it.


[edit] oh, shit - almost forgot! i've never removed my helix, and i actually had to use pliers. now i can't get the ball back on. good grief!

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