Thursday, April 18, 2013

msi blasted

holy shit: mindless self indulgence in real life put on one hell of a show! and lyn-z?? jesus, that woman is sexy.
i haven't had that much fun at a concert since nine inch nails*, my hearing's buggered and i just want more…

* a very different scale of concert, but still

i woke up feeling like i was in the intro sequence to final fantasy viii; it was specifically the way the light was streaming in through the curtains and some intangible change in my perception.

i spent too long adding strip search artists' comics to my reader. like i didn't have enough to get through :P

on my way out of the apartment the universe dropped me a line to say "do your own damn shirts" - using the laundry service isn't as safe as doing my ironing myself, apparently :/

i got out of the metro into a sunny six-degree morning, and all i could think of was "perfect beach weather"! the day was ridiculously beautiful, becoming a warm sunny afternoon that made me smile when i left.

huh! until recently i was in a manager trois, i'm amused that there's now a word for that :P

after a relaxed day of administrative tasks, i walked out early to get changed and meet up with yang to go to the concert.


when yang said goodbye and got off the train i realized that i'd been shouting unnecessarily; why is it that i only remember earplugs as these kinds of events begin?

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