Thursday, April 25, 2013

missing shakespeare's birthday

well, it was will's birthday on tuesday. i didn't totally miss it because ryan north sent out a reminder; i guess i didn't totally not celebrate either as nocence sent me an enthusiastic update that included another potential illustrator. we'll be meeting shortly, i hope.

the weather has been fantastic! perhaps i did exaggerate a little by leaving home wearing nothing over my shirt. i was still tired, i had too many priorities and distractions and the first of all of them was a decidedly brainless task that would take me most of the day to complete. and then i finished the day with a really bad stuff-up: i asked newk'd to do something that made him feel important, and then realized that i didn't have the authority to give him the assignment. that was a serious bummer.

mma: i made the group uneven so i joined a girl and the guy who thought i was welsh. turns out he's a software developer who'd rather be doing graphic design. hah! and it also turns out that having a girl catch you with a triangle choke isn't sexy at all.
the sexy kickboxing girl from the advanced class? there were *three* of them. all at least as tall as me, bigger than me in a muscular way and very good looking. i need to get myself into that class :P

and back to reality: i started the kickboxing class on a full tank of gas, and by gas i mean literal gas and by tank i mean belly. it was a very uncomfortable class indeed.

it turns out i'm not the only vegan in the class, and the two of us argued about allan savory: i thought i have a good idea and he doesn't. that's a disappointing read...

i was broken after training and i went to bed really late because i was searching for a clinic i could go to. and i went out to the bank to draw cash, once again discovering that it's nearly the end of the month (in banking terms) and i might have trouble drawing enough for the rent...


an hour earlier is an hour tougher to wake up. i got most of the pre-clean tidy done, and walked out into an awesomely warm and shiny breezy day to be outside. montreal's finest was on display, which almost made up for such silly hours that would have been better spent in bed.

anyhow, i'd picked a good clinic and i only had to wait an hour or two to see a doctor! who was pleasant and pleasantly efficient. i walked out of there in five minutes with a prescription and an eased mind.

i was intrigued by the number of religious jews in the area around the clinic, and horrified to see one couple doing the israeli thing of pulling into a bus stop and sitting while a bus was trying to pick people up.

i mentioned david farland - nightingale recently: i'm more than halfway through, and it's great fun! even if it does go a little over-the-top sometimes, i have a thing about timing and some of the events are just a teensy bit too convenient. but it's mostly a very cool halfway point between a regular high school story and harry potter, only with actual references to harry potter.

i visited the pharmacy on my way home, ate lunch while watching an episode of how i met your mother, and went to the office to be absolutely exhausted while rolling my eyes over last-minute testing and many menial chores that simply refuse to take care of themselves. two coffees weren't enough. the spruce beer was atrocious and the aftertaste lasted longer than could be considered fair play.

i arrived home around 8pm, too late to even consider going to boxing, and parked myself in front of the wall (telly?) to finally catch up with how i met your mother.

i did think to send the cleaning lady a message to thank her, but then forgot on my way to the couch and felt bad for making her send me a message first. it was really nice to walk into a clean, fresh-smelling apartment! i was worried she'd expect to come in once a week, which would be expensive and unnecessary, but i think it's cool to keep it twice a month and she seems okay with the idea. that's a relief.

right - it's almost midnight, and neither lying on the couch nor posting is the same as sleeping :$

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