Friday, April 19, 2013


okay, this how i met your mother addiction is outta control. i blame netflix. it's so easy to just press "x" and start the next episode! also, season 7 is really, really well written.

at least i got a couple of comic panels done before settling down on the couch with the ice-cream. the images are absolutely shameful compared to what i'm imagining, but hopefully they're enough to inspire a real illustrator to do some cool shit.

i decided to join in with a book bomb benefit the other day, and now that i've breezed through five pleasurable chapters i can heartily suggest reading "nightingale". it's fascinating how captivating fantasy in a non-fantasy setting can be! kinda like harry potter, but very different.

i was quite embarrassed to arrive at work without my belt. really?! and to think i'd thought of putting it on as i put my shirt on, i don't know how i managed to get distracted so easily. i thought i'd go to the clothing shop at lunchtime and acquire a new one (intending to leave it at the office for just such cases), but they don't sell men's belts. so i went out in the rain for nothing :(

also, my hair's gone crazy - to the point where i received negative comments about it. i'd have buzzed it myself, but i can't clean it up well and it would be silly to cut my own hair only to go and spend $20 (!!!) just for finishing.

i completed an important task this morning, bringing us into full agile mode. i guess this is the first time i've ever worked with a reasonable methodology! the director sat down to discuss our svn practices, and after a lot of confusion i eventually got where he was going and now i have to figure out how to align our svn structure and practices accordingly. it's not easy letting go of a paradigm, but it's possible that this will be a variation as opposed to an incompatible procedure.

the rest of the day was taken with meetings and teaching aota how to use gigantt. it's excellent software, even if some of the finer points are a little confusing at first. she was not in the mood to learn something new, but our relationship has become such that we can fight in good humour; this morning the cto judged a contest between the two of us as to who is the bigger drama queen :P [she won]

it's nice when things at the office are relaxed. heck, even the interns are producing!

i had dinner with godmother and yang, it was nice but i wasn't feeling great. tired, really. and kinda out of sorts, even though everything's fine.

speaking of tired, it's now half-past midnight and i should be thinking of getting to bed...

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