Wednesday, April 03, 2013

back on mat

i was so tired - still from the morning, really - that after returning home and finally getting hold of the caretaker (he fixed the problem in about ten minutes) i lay down on the couch and tried to sleep. i tried watching a couple of episodes of the ultimate fighter: team gsp vs. team koscheck (awesome), and i tried just sleeping, but neither of those things helped to recharge my batteries. when i got up to skype with my mom, i needed a cup of coffee just to be coherent.

i don't know what the heck that was all about.

i'm really sad for my uncle, who cannot cope with the loss of his wife. everything about his life just flipped in one weekend, and his options are limited to going to a home for the elderly or leaving the country. jesus.

it was later than i'd intended when i finally went off to purchase equipment for the training. i was going to go to walmart for thrift's sake, but the metro was out of order and after waiting for five minutes and hearing that the line would resume service in another six minutes, i was sure that i wouldn't make it on time and that the universe was giving me a sign, so i walked to the gym instead and did my shopping there. good thing, too, because i don't think anyone at walmart would have given me as much good advice as the trainer there.

i returned home, geared up, and jogged back in time for ten minutes of warm-up, an mma class and a thai kickboxing class.

mma is a lot more intimate than it looks, which says a lot. scrapper had given me some advice about not making eye contact when you're on the mat, and he was totally right. i wish i hadn't learned the lesson the hard way anyway :P

but the mma isn't what killed me. thai kickboxing? holy shit, that guy drilled us to pieces. i'm was feeling SO good once i could breathe again :D

i was pumped up when i returned home to shower and eat, but the eating didn't really take place because a) i simply didn't have an appetite and b) yang called inviting me to a spontaneous beer. my meal was basically made up of a protein bar, guinness and chips. not bad, come to think of it :P

the dude playing covers at the pub was really, really good.

the weirdest bit of the evening was the static - i suddenly started generating much more than usual - every time i got out of the car it would be an audible and painful zap, and removing my shirt when i got home was all crackly. i decided to use the humidifier, but it hasn't been operated in so long that it simply refused to cooperate. until, like, five minutes ago when i tried resettling it :(

i'm feeling really, really good this morning. stiff, but good. i'm not sure if i'll go to muay thai tonight, 'cause i'm fairly certain that i need to rest a little. i'm excited about finally starting a training routine!

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