Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a monday list

let's go backwards:

1. watching beats, rhymes & life: the travels of a tribe called quest, i'm halfway through. not as much fun as something from nothing: the art of rap but interesting nonetheless.

2. i ran out of cucumber and tomatoes, so my salad was imbalanced and way too spicy / onion-y. i had to cover it with garlic naan and ice-cream: poor me :P

3. boxing was killer. the guy i worked with had tons of advice which will take loads of practice to get right, but the most interesting bit was "you're really strong, you don't need to prove anything. focus on speed and technique and the power will happen by itself". mental flip.

i'm better with a skipping rope than i remembered, but that doesn't mean i don't suck.

4. walmart at crazy o'clock. hooray. the really cool bit was leaving, shopping and returning within half an hour because i used my blades - the following words were repeating themselves over and over in my mind the whole trip: "blades with separating boots? best - invention - ever!!!". it really is!

5. a long day but with some decent achievements. it's weird hearing "you're the boss!" and knowing that it's true; it's weird being in such a central position and having everyone consult me all the time.

6. two of our interns have arrived, and both seem sharper than the previous batch. their first day of training went well and i'm very pleased. the company offered to buy them lunch on their first day but our regular indian restaurant was closed so i went scouting for an alternative. a few blocks further, but good quality and with a better selection!

and that was the day.

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