Friday, March 29, 2013

the sounds of the universe

just like janna levin said.

i bought tickets for a mindless self indulgence concert next month! awesome ^_^

it was not a bad day, and it wasn't a good day. i put my nose to the grindstone on some uninteresting chores, and got at least one messy clean-up job done. the shock at the end of the day was receiving an email that the coo - my other boss - is leaving. or, more to the point, had left, and we wouldn't be seeing him again.

i'd been informed that it was a possibility and asked to keep my mouth shut... but that didn't make the abruptness any less startling.

i was inspired to get back into training yesterday, and i went to check out a taekwondo gym this evening. i'm still mortified by the experience: i felt like i was watching a train-wreck. i was especially shocked by the overweight, sloppy black belts, but in only a few minutes i saw what i didn't want to train with and i gave them forty more for the benefit of the doubt, which they didn't warrant. they certainly seemed to be having fun, but none of them looked like they were taking it seriously. except for the guy with the deformed arms, who was the only one keeping his balance while kicking and looking like he was making an effort. respect to that dude!

there's another taekwondo group not far from my work, but right after reading about that one i discovered that i live about two minutes' walk from georges st-pierre's gym.

universe? is that you??!

not only would i like to learn mma, but it sounds like they treat the place like a regular gym as well, so i could practice alone too.

i didn't see it when i took a walk in that direction, but that's because i didn't bother to be wowed* by google street view until after i returned. what i did find was indoor go-karting, which is something that popped into my head a few days ago.

universe? i'm listening!!!

* google street view is a lot more impressive when you actually need it.

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