Monday, March 04, 2013

the cheshire smile

the office day began with a cheshire grin from the technical writer; i've thought of her as "crazy cat lady" until now but i guess cheshire is more appropriate than crazy. it's as if that grin jinxed my day, man, in addition to creeping me out.

the main endeavor would have taken ten minutes if everyone had done things the easy way. but when you mistakenly think you're competent you can really mess things up. instead of working with the instructions, my interns had me rescuing them for over three hours. i need to make new guys write an exam or something, this is ridiculous.

of course, the surprise demo by our ceo helped my stress levels, and the more surprising catastrophic demo failure was the cherry on the top.

maybe pg's right. maybe i shouldn't work in such an unhealthy industry.


speaking of pg, i can't say i'm not distracted at all.

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