Sunday, March 31, 2013

smells of not cooking

well, how about that? i finally get it in me to make something (simple, of course), and i don't have anything??. it's too late to go shopping :(

i stopped off at walmart to pick up a notebook, and stayed for ages to talk to SxS because i wasn't up for multitasking. to be fair, i haven't been up for multitasking in a long, long time. i visited the dollar store and didn't find what i was looking for, then hurriedly returned home thinking i'd be in time for the 4.40 showing of olympus has fallen which SxS had advised me to see. i got home too late, so i looked up reviews for eye laser surgeons (it's hard to find negative ones) and left in time to catch the 6.50.

first off, the trailers:
oblivion looks like fun. after earth looks like more fun. red 2 makes me shake my head in sequel-shame, but not nearly as much as fast & furious 6. i'm confused as to how many installations of the series i've missed of the latter, and i'm reminded of the intro trailers to tropic thunder; i'll probably see both.

revolution looks like a good reason to go to the movies. or download illegally.

olympus has fallen is a wildly entertaining action flick. but what really got to me is the ideology. it's so over the top, is it ironic? is it for or against the current american government and its attitude towards its citizens and the rest of the world? that's me not showering you with spoilers. either way, it's fascinating meta and an invigoratingly classic plot.

i've now eaten too much (toast with peanut butter, tofu, salt, pepper and tabasco), and it's late, and that means nothing because i only go back to work on wednesday ^_^
perhaps i'll try out antichamber: scrapper gave it a good review so i figure the $20 was worth it.

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