Saturday, March 16, 2013

an academy of broken dreams

i woke up this morning from a deep, comfortable slumber. the view from the balcony was magic. the weather wasn't as bad as i expected - not compared to israel, at least - and breakfast was manageable. kind of. i guess i'll be consuming a lot of fish this week.

after a struggle to arrange room cards and pack the equipment, i joined our it guy in the taxi and we headed off to panama city. the canal's pretty, what we could see of it at least, and the whole area and city is pretty darn awesome. it's kinda like israel, only jungle instead of desert.

universidad de panamá: it looks like a bomb hit it ages ago and the janitors all quit. at first it was kind of boring, and i took the opportunity to go through my inbox and deal with all sorts of issues. but the real work started when moonlighter finally got his shit together, sort of, and the cto and i spend half the day coordinating testing. it was long, hard work and it got late very fast. i was tired and had a headache, but i know that aota isn't interested in leaving the hotel so i joined the it guy for a walk about town. after a decent dinner i bought some good rum fairly cheap (myers's), and we went to play pool in a super-divy joint. it was really fun!

i haven't a clue how we made it back to the hotel, because we don't speak any spanish and the taxi driver didn't know where it was. but i was exhausted and passing out on the back seat... until we arrived. after a quick shower i lay down to write this, and instead was distracted by a long series of insane ice hockey fights and amazing clips of ufc champion st pierre.

it's late, i'm tired... and i'm not looking forward to resuming this shit early on a saturday morning. today was delivery day: we should have been done weeks, if not months ago.

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