Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the meeting

wow. like father, like son. such incredibly judgemental people, and lacking the faculty for reasoned argument, my little cousin's not only offensive but far too easily offended. someone once told me that if you think the bride's ugly, and the groom's happy with her, you really don't need to mention it to him. they're concerned because pg "isn't pulling her weight" in our relationship; my uncle was downright offended at the notion that i came home from work and she hadn't made me dinner.

and that she spent her day indoors, doing not much. i fail to see how that's any of their business. to quote pg: "so they don't like me".

huh. well, we're certainly not the first family they disapprove of.

other than that little episode, i had a supremely smooth day. i got up relaxed, arrived at the office at a reasonable hour, and spent most of the day in the meeting room. after the initial training session (two of us are "new"), us developers got together and ironed out the current state of affairs and a plan for the next week and month. i felt very pleased with myself for directing things in a manner that everybody seems on board with, and tomorrow i'll be wading in all sorts of different responsibilities.

the awkward bit of the day involved my company email address: even though i'm not officially working, our secretary didn't want to fuel any possible governmental accusations by creating an account in my name before my permit comes through. before i left, though, i mentioned it to my boss who thinks it's a horrible idea because it'll definitely raise unwanted questions. we'll see how that plays out tomorrow.
speaking of immigration, we've decided to insure our application by advertising on the government site that k-twang directed me to and then submitting in two weeks. this in spite of the fact that we already have more than enough real life evidence that there aren't enough people like me floating around :P

on my lunch break i paid the bank a visit and discovered that without some form of canadian identification i will not be able to open an account anywhere. i have to see if the landlord of the apartment we're looking at can deal with that. in the meantime, i've been informed that we may have a couple of connections for decent apartments with landlords that'll be happy to have us. the jewish community is strong in this town :)

hurricane sandy has caused a fair amount of trouble already; i hope it doesn't get any worse :(

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