Tuesday, April 17, 2012

leaving before five

it shouldn't feel like a short day, but it does somehow. french class was fun, followed by a session in the sun blowing my mind: the forgetting pill erases painful memories forever

holy crap! and this appears to explain certain effects of lsd, like its ability to treat suicide headaches. funny thing, though, they don't cite william james' - the stream of consciousness - these ideas are a bit older than the 60s :P

work was relatively relaxed (although that's not saying much), with a bunch of odd problems cropping up prompting me to solve an edge case the appearance of whose symptoms was both fortunate and uncanny. i ran away as soon as everything was looking stable.

i ran to catch the bus - then waited a minute to actually get on board - and we got stuck in rush hour traffic which afforded me plenty more wired time.


... i wrote this post a while back, then got distracted going through my emails and task list. i haven't done that in the longest time...


i've just checked how much remains of my varsity fees to pay: NIS 0.23: really? they couldn't have thrown that into the last payment?

right. now on to something less digital.


apparently mary choi thinks i'm a pirate, too.

israel recycling trash into a park? sounds good. i don't know if i agree with the name, though :P

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