Thursday, April 19, 2012

digital sparks

oh - wow. i was catching up on penny arcade and found a reference to moleman 2 - demoscene - the art of the algorithms (2012) (closed captions provide english subs - or check the original site): amazing! inspiring! i didn't mean to watch the whole thing... i kinda had other stuff to do...


today was holocaust memorial day, and my data stream was filled with everything from "oh, wow! the sense of unity is amazing!" to "screw this, it's an ashkenazi-only thing, what do the rest of us care?"
i don't know what that means.

two issues:

1. holocaust survivors are always remembered on this one day of the year, and treated like trash (like all other old people) for the rest of it.

2. a large enough proportion of the ultra-orthodox believe that the holocaust victims deserved their fate because they weren't good jews.

one possible solution, if us taxpayers got to choose where our tax goes: we could take some of the money that's being used to support non-serving, non-productive, non-taxpaying cultists (read: "ultra-orthodox") and give it to the survivors instead.


i was too tired to get up to run today, so i bladed to campus instead. no, it's not the same thing. anyway, when class wasn't boring (letting me make progress with that thing i started writing) it was super cool. highlight: discovering dead man, which from the handful of scenes we saw is one of the greatest movies ever made!

i was going to hang around on campus, but the boss called me up and asked me to pop in for an hour. during that hour, i performed an important upgrade and then explained to him that we need to get comfortable collaborating remotely for when i take my long "holiday" in canada after the semester ends. scr is aware that i'll be looking for work, but even if i find it there'll most likely be a few months where i'll be back here sorting things out so i don't want to be out of a job...

getting back home took longer than expected (i sat on the grass explaining apartheid and post-apartheid to some fellow students who were interested) and then settled in to be productive. i failed at that completely. and now pg and i are off to (finally) watch the hunger games.

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