Saturday, March 03, 2012

waving chickens

i went to bed at 4am, not satisfied but having gone to such lengths that i couldn't think anymore. i should get overtime for this, but aside from these hours being my "advantage" (usually, at least) the automatic assumption is that if there's a problem with the system at ungodly hours, it's my fault.

i woke up early-ish, and the first thing i did was check to see what had failed during the night.


not a line. *knocks on wood, again*

this shit is making me superstitious. and i suspect that my code wasn't actually to blame for whatever was going on.


i've spent the day slowly slogging through the sonnets, with a couple of breaks here and there but none that could totally take my mind off the idea that on sunday we're back to school and i've tons to do for the sonnets paper and i haven't even picked a clear topic for the zombie one. i don't feel like i've had a vacation at all - last year we went to austria, and i caught up on all the wired magazines that had been collecting throughout the semester. this year? still piling up.

quandary: do i make full use of this last weekend to relax? or do i carry on grinding?


i made liver again tonight - it didn't come out as well as the first times, and pg and i both got aggravated over my kitchen incompetence :/

perhaps that was the universe's way of countering a moment that we'd had earlier in the day - we shared one that made me feel so glad to be alive just for that specific instant, and so lucky to be with her. she really is the sweetest thing, and it comes out in the most innocent of gestures. love - ridiculous, unexpressable, universal.

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