Wednesday, March 14, 2012

running on empty

i just had the floor fall out from under me. after a week of excitement, thrills, distractions, expenses, long debates and general wonder, the offer that seemed too good to be true has turned out to be so.

after a couple of days of research, some on the part of my family, some online, some through friends, i called the boss up a few minutes ago to make my offer. not only did he not appreciate it, he refused to make a counter offer and *click* that's the end of the story.


i will carry on looking for work there, and i'll try to pick up what little pieces of my papers i can salvage to hand in tomorrow. i've learned a lot during this past week, and i've invested a lot of time and money in learning it. i hope he responds positively to my email, and if he doesn't, then i hope i'll find something equally as interesting.

but oh, man - this is a serious bummer.

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