Thursday, March 29, 2012

one burning man

not me, actually - one of my coworkers appears to have an anger management problem and instead of asking for help, he dug himself a hole that eventually got so deep that even though i could help him out, he was too busy raging about it to notice the escape route. i actually had to invest time in calming him down in order to extract the data i needed to solve the problem.


it was a long day packed into few hours, with yet another delicate job to be done under crazy pressure... i've just completed and tested the tough part, and tomorrow when i get in i'll be magically finishing the rest, performing a migration to the cloud, solving another set of unrelated issues that we seem to be having, and be back on campus three hours later.

no problem.

i wonder: am being paid enough to be doing the work of three people? i suppose that as long as i don't let the stress get to me personally, it's not really my problem.


aside from consuming a lot of junk food, this evening was fun: the creative writing workshop was entertaining as usual, and watching les 12 travaux d'astérix was probably more helpful than the others because the subtitles were delayed so much :P

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