Wednesday, March 07, 2012

life hacking

today... was a really good day. thank you, weather, for being appropriate :)

work wasn't amazing, but halfway through i got a call from sorter - the investor, with few reservations, was impressed and is interested. hooray!

then i went to the interview that i've been getting all excited about. in short - it was comfortable, the man is incredibly likeable, and as long as pg and i demonstrate that we've done our homework - he wants me. for a minimum three year contract. in a field i love. in a city i love. if words could express how exciting this is, your screen would be shaking and little fireworks would be going off behind it.

today... was a really good day.

i went past sorter's for a quick debriefing and a whiskey, getting a bit lost because he'd told me his street number was in the forties and the buildings on the road i was on somehow skipped numbers 33 through 53. that's just weird.

i ran into pg on the way home, we ate dinner, i talked with my mom for half an hour about how incredibly things can change (she had good news too), and then we were off for the purim rollerblade.

it was slower than usual because *obviously* we have to show off our costumes to as many people as possible; at least this year there were great outfits. pg and i veered off for frozen yoghurt on the way home, and now it's time for bed because wednesday's are back to being stupidly early days again.

*shakes head*
wow. this is really, really awesome.

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