Monday, March 19, 2012

early morning redeath

it's late, and i'm exhausted again - and i've lots to do on my paper. i've also got a bunch of other things that need doing...

i lost an hour and a half of my life this morning to co-conspirator and another half an hour to wordsworth, who took over our class and repeatedly said nothing intelligent or interesting while doing so in the most patronizing of tones.


it was another beautiful day, and after i got home i took pg to lunch. the food was delicious but contained far too much dairy for my poor system; i wouldn't have ordered the kiesch if i'd suspected. i suppose the new israeli version of top deck that i had for dessert didn't contribute for the better, either.

i napped for a while, then finally got around to a piece of work that i have not been looking forward to. it took a while to figure out what i was supposed to be looking at, then a while longer to get the test data sorted out, and *just* as i got a handle on everything i received a mail informing me that i needed to produce a report that nobody's asked me for yet: in this case, they were doing it by hand. i created a function that would have worked like a shot if not for all three applications i was using crashing randomly, but once they were done having their moments i could sign off and join pg in taking the dog from her parents for a walk.

we got to discussing our apartments and our plans for my tenant, and the debate was long and involved. her parents were home by the time we returned, so we included them in the conversation and i'm really pleased we did - at least three of us now agree wholeheartedly about the way to proceed, and pg more or less as well so we're all good :)

one of the tasks i've got to do right now involves filling in another form for the insurance company that's supposed to have released my severance pay three months ago - it's taken them a month to get back to me since our last interaction and of *course* they called when i was in class :S


i can see myself crashing early again; i've got another early morning to look forward to... and my eyesight's all fuzzy already...

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