Friday, March 16, 2012


the afternoon was full of awkward moments, applying for jobs online, contemplating how much of an asshole "the boss" is*, and then, finally, having it all out with pg.

* and how glad i am, in retrospect, that they don't want me anymore. the rejection hurts, but what's really been bothering me is how terribly employers handle their companies. i almost want to hit fast-forward on my life just to get to the point where i'm running my own, because *damn* it kills me to think how pre-post-industrialized western society still is.

the big issue with pg is how she'll be if we move a long way away together. the big issue for me is that she's not prepared to think about it until she's on her way. i know that no change is necessarily ultimate or permanent, but i do believe that forethought is forearmed. and i like having strong forearms.


brené brown: listening to shame: good talk.

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