Thursday, March 22, 2012

again?! how??

how the heck is it past midnight already??? i recall waking up stupidly early for four *hours* of lacanian theory, which was painful in spite of it being a beautiful morning and having been jumpstarted by marilyn manson - slutgarden.


i haven't discussed the latest security situation. we're all on edge because of the iranians in particular (see the last part if you're in a hurry), and in addition the palestinians are bombing our southern cities again. let's not even talk about the french murders... things are tense and unpleasant, and as usual we are not top dog, no matter what palestinian propaganda assures you.

as i stepped out of the building to pay a quick visit to the library, sirens throughout tel aviv began blaring. considering the fact that we're on alert due to our strained situation, and that i was not aware that a warning had been issued, i was certain that horrible things were going to happen soon. but nobody else ran screaming into the supposedly safe zones, so i carried on towards the library, hoping that it would count for some protection.

as i approached the corner of the building i heard booming noises off to the south, and a quiet panic set in. then the booming became distinctly paced, and i realized that it was the sound guys setting up for the weekly performance on the grass. then i wondered if perhaps the sirens had been a part of the sound check too...

but no, those were real. "but there were warnings all over!" i was told later - but i don't know a single person who'd heard or seen them. wtf?!


it's not that i don't think the whole iran / israel "we love you" campaign isn't a brilliant idea - i really do respect it and think its intentions are wonderful, however familiar they may seem. unfortunately, it holds absolutely no meaning because neither of our countries has a meaningful democratic process. even if we could get every israeli on facebook on board, nothing would happen.


i picked up a salad on the way to the office, having a little trouble with the cashier who wasn't concentrating and put a bunch of other stuff on my credit card. i arrived at work when everyone was out for lunch, and walked in to discover that my station had been pulled apart. it's one thing to have to hunt for a chair - a regular occurance - but it's another thing entirely to lose one's desk. i ate lunch, then took my leave: i think i offended the guy i share a room with because i told him i wasn't interested in wasting time setting everything up again.

once home, i crashed for the better part of an hour and woke up only slightly less buggered than i'd been. i had lunch with pg and watched the final episode of the second season of community, which was awesome, and then spent the next couple of hours writing formal process documentation.

then it was time to get cracking on my paper that's due tomorrow. i am very, very lucky - it turns out i was right, and that the indexing was the hard part. the rest of the paper, while wordy, is flowing now that i have the key set up and i'm fairly confident that i'm going to be turning in a good paper tomorrow.

first world /rich people's problems: having to decide which parts of the paper to cut for tomorrow's hand-in, that will be restored for the paper due in a month and a half and carrying a heck of a lot more weight.

eyesight blurred, perhaps it's better to rest now and work early. what's happening to me?! :'(

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