Sunday, February 15, 2009


and the tension last night had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with this morning's stress.

it was terrible. you see, the signing itself isn't so much the issue - it's willingly entering myself into a state of doubt and semi-bureaucratic jumping through hoops for the next couple of weeks.

it has begun.

the signing itself was actually quite pleasant, and i've now seen my lawyer face-to-face. she's one tough lady, and i like her style.

i went to the immigrant-assistance company, and sat down for some verbal abuse. i'm really glad that that really was the last time i'll have to go there, they gave me exactly what i wanted and i even managed to extract an apology. i still feel sorry for everyone else who has to deal with them, though.

i was too early for a shinto breakfast - bummer. i took the train, and managed to get to my base (3km away) within 45 minutes of its arrival, while is quite the record. my TL was quite impressed.

i spent the afternoon copy-pasting, it was a fairly boring one.

now that i'm home i'm absolutely exhausted, so i think i'm going to watch the rest of the movie and get some shuteye. oh, yes! my orange MOO card-holder came by to remasculate [yes, i know that's wrong] me!

in their parlance: "Yay!" [i'd have posted a photo of that "Yay!" if only i had a camera]

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