Sunday, January 04, 2009

sun, water, alcohol

it was a quiet night of napping on the couch between episodes of top gear, and it was fun watching it with my mum, both of us laughing hysterically :D

santana - veracruz is such a fun song!

both my mothers and i went shopping this morning, mostly for sweets and cooldrinks, and then my sister picked me up to take me to the beach. i think she's right that i missed a couple of spots with the suncream, because i'm a bit burned in weird patches after spending the whole day in the shade reading fhm.

why is it that an international subscription costs THREE TIMES as much? is that because of postage?!

i bought a gq for comparison, but they don't do international subscriptions, period.

it was a great day on the beach, although i was infuriated when my sister blabbed to one of her friends about my status in the military. for the rest of the day i was under the shadow of all the preconceptions that it entails, and had to fend off all the enthusiastic digging for information that i wouldn't give out even if i had.

freaking information junkies are the reason that the media gets away with their interference. i'm also annoyed because when i'm here i'm a total hippie, and i really don't want anyone mistaking me for a representative of israeli forces.

i met up with hyperviper at la vie, a place i'd never heard that's about 200m down the road from my mother's apartment. we drank too much tequila, but i thoroughly enjoyed the mussels in spite of the terrible service - i don't normally feel okay about not leaving a tip :/

the reason for the drinking: hyperviper just discovered today that noddie, his best friend of about 12 years, was sleeping with his ex before they broke up. he's understandably pissed. and i feel like shit about it even though i'm not the source of information :(

so we talked mostly about that, although eventually we moved on to less relevant and more amusing things, and i'm now back home for a bit before going out with protoplasm.

i've been wondering what i'm going to do about taking the angel out tomorrow.

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