Sunday, May 28, 2017

eyes of the storm

sunday 21st:

not enough sleep, waking up from dead dreamlessness
a horrible morning, but a good moment in the eye of the storm and mr smear and gd starring in "conversations with wookies"
the vehicle tracking company picking me up as illegally starting the rental car
mr smear needing help on the slide and me storming out the playground
trying and failing to stream beauty and the beast, settling for shannara
exhaustion striking minutes before mr smear woke up from his nap
my painful cracked tongue (finally getting better now, a week later)
coffee for reading took me through walking mr smear on the promenade, his shark pants amusing a lot of people while we enjoyed a stunning sunset
mom coming over for a visit, showering and prepping mr smear for bed: bedtime in two parts, the first having us laughing at his vacillation between crying and singing
resuming shannara then remembering that american gods episode three was out, watching most of it and then passing out

monday 22nd:

waking up early, shooting out a stream of consciousness inspired by a great article about chris cornell and depression, spending a couple of hours in an IP detection rabbit hole

i don't understand how it's possible that nine times out of ten i'll try to go to the bathroom in the early morning and mr smear will just *know* and wake up, it doesn't matter if it's 1am, 3am or 6am and i'm not making any noise

an hour of perfect sleep and then getting into trouble for snoozing my alarm

a few hours of work, picking up mr smear, putting him down for a short nap and watching american gods, then entering survival mode through a visit to the chiropractor and until the evening

mom coming to help out, trying to take advantage by resting but instead obsessively editing my earlier stream of consciousness into an actual poem that i'm proud of

logan! we watched most of it before passing out, not without minor flaws but absolutely brilliant nonetheless.

tuesday 23rd:

up at 5am but not particularly productive, mr smear waking up super cute, dropping him off and coming home to pass out for a couple of hours then get through a painful level of super meat boy before picking up mr smear; he and another kid didn't want to leave and we ended up chatting with her mom who now feels bad for forcing her kid to eat meat...

a pleasant afternoon, mr smear napping enough to give us space to breathe
gym, sunset walk, mr smear covering his mouth when he coughed

dinner with a still sore tongue, standard bedtime, finishing logan: the bad writing of the kids running through the forest got under my skin, but otherwise what an awesome film!


wednesday 24th:

until 1.40am, going to bed with a sense of accomplishment

terrible sleep and a crazy coughing fit, dreaming stealing candy from the spider's web in the field and then going away, the spider turning into a bunch of creepy children with their teacher and tracking us down, finding us just as we settled and after we'd eaten the candy; i asked them to let us buy them $5 of candy from each of us and they agreed, and a couple of us went to the store. rows and rows of popcorn flavouring and a man telling his friend that if they became store members he'd try every flavour in a month, we then struggled to weigh and price the candy and just as we finished i realized that we'd only gotten sour candy so i went back looking for sweet as well. suddenly it was closing time and my guys had weighed and paid already so i had to cover the extra sweets on my own...

... and then we woke up and mr smear danced to my alarm (vitalic - poison lips) on the bed before getting up and slamming his finger in a drawer which put him into a "cry mode" that lasted well after the pain had subsided (although in his defense, that took a long time)

dropping him off at school then coming home to breakfast and watch american gods, interrupted by the arrival of the therapist. i went to my mom's to work (and got into trouble for putting the toilet paper the right way around) then picked up mr smear and came home; american gods while he napped and galaxy quest when he woke up

my cracked tongue appearing to improve, an aborted mission to the aquarium and some shopping before returning home for dinner with my mom - which would have been a lot more pleasant if my québécois accent hadn't offended gd

test server setup, beauty and the beast, in bed at 11

thursday 25th:

unhappy morning, with significant improvement just before leaving to pick up mr smear

an unintended but pleasant coffee when borrowing my cousin's drill (the company, not the conversation), nap time and finishing beauty and the beast

an evening visit to my uncle, mom swinging by for a short while, falling asleep on the couch watching the truth about lies while everyone else recovered from the bedtime installment of the weaning process

friday 26th:

waking up at 5am and starting my day dealing with potential hacking / malware and implementing something that i'd thought i could leave for later

up at 7am with a hangry boy and getting him to eat a bit of maize meal before his first feed

water restrictions - johannesburg - french - seashells - late fathers - passports

dropping off mr smear and not staying because i was told to be home half an hour earlier than i needed to be, a little work and an angry ride to the acupuncturist, stopping to stew at the pavilion, home for a little work, back to pick up gd and chat before picking up mr smear; short nap, exhaustion, park

a pleasant park experience minus two incidents where i just missed saving the day (one minor, one a two year-old climbing backwards off a ledge over my head)

friday night dinner (delicious, and i ate too much), mr smear crashing before his shower (we managed to sneak in brushing his teeth, at least), then being too tired and crashing on the couch

saturday 27th:

waking up to 2010's dr who (best i've seen yet), a big breakfast and a little work
canal walk shoe shopping (unpleasant), lunch (pleasant), and singing my new version of "row, row, row your boat" until mr smear passed out
coming home with an extended nap and using it to work, then going out for a walk and just missing a gorgeous sunset before it turned uncomfortably cold

ordering pizza again, and again it taking too long; col'cacchio's pizzas are good but their delivery sucks and while we didn't have to pay for it the experience was uncomfortable enough that we won't be doing that again

mr smear finally going to bed after spending an entire day being either awesome or awful, one particularly great moment being when i continued with the previous day's letter exercise and got him to say "i love you" (and our hearts melted, doesn't matter if he knows what it means or not... although i suspect he kinda does)

watching ares, not expecting a french film but really, really enjoying it - phenomenally slick writing even with some tried and true tropes

sunday 28th:

awesomenauts! and starting my "user's guide to social", and this, and now probably going to bed. if not now, then in five more minutes...

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