Monday, June 20, 2016

a little foggy

saturday 11th:

a surprisingly slow start to the day
gender politics dissection and a strategy for podcasting
baby city mission, nü for lunch (not many vegan options, but the nourish bowl was excellent), leaving gd at the supermarket to rush mr smear home and take handle the apoocalypse alone (a full belly button)
competing with gd for sunset photos, my second time bathing mr smear
his first biltong met with greedy delight and my desire to find a vegan alternative for such an elegant teething tool (although i doubt one will present itself)

dinner and GoT interrupted by the blue screen of death, going to bed when the scandisk froze

sunday 12th:

a nasally traumatic 5am, sleeping late, a slow, pleasant start with minor freakouts until i managed to get my workstation operational again, off to my mom's, a quick chat with my uncle, shamefully discovering that i had been required to return my rental at 7.30am on our way to lunch... an excellent lunch, returning the rental and mistakenly not taking another, shopping and mr smear's first balloon experience, another trial of his discomfort, GoT goodness, early to bed

monday 13th:

glorious sleep, waking up to an alarm on a cold, wet morning and struggling not to snooze (cold enough for a sweater and jacket), picking up a warm mr smear when i heard him mumbling on my way out the door and getting him back to sleep quickly (happiness is...), car rental good news

from rape culture (brock turner) to hate culture (tel aviv and orlando) in one week

eyeball plucking, singing mr smear to sleep in the adelphi centre, anger poop management, the chiro visit, the awkward meeting with the mall's building manager to complain about the baby changing room shortly before needing to use it, starting work "on time", spotify song stealing becoming a serious grievance (and there's no "family" option apparently), a rough evening

tuesday 14th:

making progress at work and crashing early, sleeping well and dreaming a lot and then resuming briefly after gd's breakfast, the physio and mr smear pooping right up his back when i had to take care of him alone in the shopping centre's inhospitable changing room

a good experience at knead, quick shopping and then home to discuss sensitive issues and get a little work done before going out

sharp braking on the way there putting the brakes on the evening in general, a regular evening followed by

wednesday 15th:

a night that was half work and half getting mr smear back to sleep (restless until 5am)

waking up to a miserable, wet day in anger, followed by pram jam, followed by anger, increased during the visit to the tax consultant, a stable afternoon, a pleasant evening

mr smear pushing around his favourite toy as if it was a walker

thursday 16th:

finally, things beginning to click into place; 3am to bed, sleeping in and then rushing to pick up gd's late breakfast, using the public holiday to get some work done in addition to enjoying some time with mr smear, heading over to my mom's to determine the state of the dark ages' dishwasher, dinner and GoT and some more work

friday 17th:

up early to take my mom to the hospital, the reward for risking traffic (which wasn't bad at all) was the view of an incredible sunrise over the cape flats.

family / post-op day, garden time for mr smear, great timing for plant for lunch, an inspirational meeting with the illustrator

saturday 18th:

a difficult night, completely exhausted woken at regular short intervals but dreaming for most of the time that i had my eyes closed

the acupuncturist, and the particular / peculiar knowledge combination that gd and i share, a day recovering, blocking more vents and discovering that our balcony door literally doesn't fit so of *course* there's a draft

getting an early night


a better night's sleep but still not enough; mom's haircut, miserable weather but a very nice first father's day with my cousin and his wife's family, quick stop shopping and coming home to fight with the vacuum cleaner and the balcony door

finally seeing the end of the martian: wow.

the season 4 finale of GoT


tired in the morning after a good night's rest, trying to get our internet fixed, struggling with the new router (which turned out to be worse than what we had, but which was simple to set up, though my windows machine refused to communicate with it), being asked to avoid influencing my cousin's kid regarding nutrition, reporting the caretaker and showing the handyman our doors (the external ones don't fit), absentmindedly coasting through the day, visiting the chiropractor and doing a quick shopping, coffee with my uncle, trying to get work done in spite of the lack of internet

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