Tuesday, October 13, 2015

the day off

yesterday began with me not only being unfriended on facebook for saying that not voting was effectively voting conservative, but being being called a "fucking mayo" to boot by a poet i met at the cfsw who has become progressively more extreme in his jihadist ideology over the past year or two. that prompted me to complete writing a piece on privilegism that's been in the wings for a while...

the day, with its gorgeous weather, was spent iin front of the telly (sometimes music, sometimes netflix) with mr smear, playing evil apples or just resting.

i saw yesterday that fcmg is looking for work, and it sounds like she's interested in getting back on my comics project! here's hoping this time is more productive.

yesterday was a good day. the evening and midnight were rough as we have an inexplicably unhappy son (although we suspect he's reacting worse to the formula now that he's almost off it), and this morning's been a mixed bag.

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