Monday, August 03, 2015

sunday afternoon

this evening's feeling is brought to you by high tone - watching you

i have been absolutely exhausted since before i woke up this morning, but if gd's up early then i'm up early. last night's late night painting and furniture construction session didn't help much either.
i started the day with the installation of the smila sol. now, i don't always shop at ikea, but when i do i expect the installation to be simple enough that a child could have fun doing it. there should be a warning for any item that requires an understanding of electrical wiring, an able-bodied partner, two tall, stable ladders and a flashlight.

after a little more painting (hopefully the last of it) i crashed for a few hours which i desperately needed. i've just put together the last of the furniture, and gd's made coffee, and we've got high tone in the background and i guess i'm ready to see what i can get done in the next few hours.

there's a LOT to do.

i just saw an inspirational video about spinal cord technology - in spite of all the awful shit that's going on in this crazy world today, we are truly blessed to be living in an era of such incredible wonders.

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